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An absorption-compression refrigeration system driven by a mid-temperatu...
  An ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system is a promising way to make use of waste heat to generate cooling energy for freezing applications. When the refrigeration temperature is below -30℃, the conventional absorption system cannot be adopted because its performa...
Theoretical and experimental analysis of the evaporating flow in rectang...
  A theoretical model for axial capillary flow in rectangular microgrooves was presented with the assumptions that the meniscus radius in the cross section is approximately constant, and the height of the centerline film recedes along the axial direction with a convex form....
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Experimental study of jet impingement heat transfer on a variable-curvat...
Photo of the experimental system-.jpg
  Extensive experimental investigation of the heat transfer characteristics of jet impingement on a variable-curvature concave surface in a wing leading edge was conducted for aircraft anti-icing applications. The experiments were carried out over a wide range of parameters...
Catalytic complete oxidation of acetylene and propene over clay versus c...
  A polygeneration system of generating methanol and power with the solar thermal gasification of the biomass is proposed in this work. The endothermic reactions of the biomass gasification are driven by the concentrated solar thermal energy in a range of 1000–1500 K. The ...
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