An improved energy management strategy for the solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle at the extreme condition

Solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ) , achieving a long time flight , has been drawn attention.Then, an improved energy management strategy is proposed to improve the efficiency of the ene...

Oct 13, 2021 / By ZHANG Zijian
Potential of applying the thermochemical recuperation in combined cooling, heating and power generation: Route of enh...

Driving the thermochemical recuperation is an alternative way to enhance the waste heat recovery and stored them as the chemical form, in this work, a new combined cooling, heating and power system...

Oct 12, 2021 / By YUAN Yu,BAI Zhang

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Influence of pumping effect on axial rotating holes

Rotating holes are widely used in jet engine internal air systems as an important kind of throttling element.The aims to investigate the influence of pumping effect on the flow characteristics of a...

Oct 13, 2021 / By DU Qiang
Flow characteristics in turbine wheel space cavity

Unsteady flow structures unrelated to rotating frequency in the turbine wheel space cavity has been observed and reported in a number of recent rim sealing investigations.

Oct 13, 2021 / By XIE Lei,DU Qiang
Coupling properties of thermodynamics and economics of underwater compressed air energy storage systems with flexible heat exchanger model

Underwater compressed air energy ( UW-CAES ) systems own plentiful merits of high system efficiency, high energy density and stable operation.

Oct 13, 2021 / By GUO Huan
Experimental investigation on fluidized modification in gasification of preheated coal using oxygen and steam

A new coal gasification technology integrating advantages of a circulating fluidized bed ( CFB ) preheater and an entrained bed gasifier is proposed by gasification of preheated coal.

Oct 13, 2021 / By LIANG Chen
Study on adaptive heat transfer performance of high temperature heat pipe

High temperature heat pipe ( HTHP ) employs alkali metal or its alloy as working fluid.Due to the large latent heat of its working fluid during phase change heat transfer, HTHP has the advantages o...

Oct 13, 2021 / By JI Yang, YUAN Dazhong


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