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Efficient and low-carbon heat and power cogeneration with photovoltaics ...
  This study proposes an efficient, flexible and low-carbon combined heating and power (CHP) system with solar energy and methanol as energy inputs. The system features a modular design combining concentrated photovoltaics, methanol thermochemistry and internal combustion e...
Explore the performance limit of a solar PV – thermochemical power gene...
19-Fig. 1. Illustration of the solar PV-thermochemical hybrid system; (a) flowchart, in which shaded rectangles represent PV cells, while the reference system does not have such PV cells; (b).png
  Performance limit of a solar hybrid power generation system integrating efficient photovoltaic (PV) cells and methanol thermal (T) decomposition is explored from a thermodynamic perspective within the capability of state-of-the-art technologies. This type of PVT system fe...
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Rubbing dynamics behavior of a flywheel shafting with a single point fle...
  The flywheel energy storage system is a new kind conversion device which realizes electric energy and kinetic energy transform into each other. The dynamic characteristics of flywheel energy storage system have been studied extensively in recent years. A single point flex...
Thermodynamic analyses of the solar-driven Kalina cycle having a variabl...
  Solar thermal power generation is currently an attractive solar electricity technology. Currently, we face an important issue of lower annual solar-to-power efficiency (approximately 10.0%) using parabolic trough technology because the direct normal irradiance instantly v...
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