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A two-stage liquid desiccant dehumidification system by the cascade util...
  Cooling dehumidification driven by power is widely used in industrial processes to obtain dry air, but the main drawback is its large power consumption. In these processes, large amounts of low-temperature waste heat are released to the environment directly, so there is a...
Test of a solar parabolic trough collector with rotatable axis tracking
  The concentrating solar power is a promising technology for scalable solar electricity. The conversion of concentrated sunlight into heat is of paramount importance in the concentrating solar power. The current commercial parabolic trough collector has an annual average e...
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Pore-scale investigation of effects of heterogeneity on CO2 geological s...
  The geological sequestration of CO2 is considered to have great potential. However, the heterogeneity that characterizes most geological reservoirs significantly affects the migration, trapping, and leakage of CO2. The present study involved a pore-scale investigation of ...
An innovative solar-powered absorption refrigeration system combined wit...
  Air-conditioning and fresh water are increasingly required in civilian and industrial sectors; however, conventional technologies are generally individual systems and consume substantial electric power. This paper proposes a new solar-powered double-product system for coo...
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