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Influence of buoyancy on turbulent mixed convection of LBE in a uniform
  The liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) is a highly promising coolant for new generation nuclear reactors. The experimental loop is usually arranged inclination or vertical for preventing LBE clogging tube at emergency conditions. Because of the high density and low Prandt...
Smart fatigue load control on the large-scale wind turbine blades using ...
  This paper presented a numerical study on the smart fatigue load control of a large-scale wind turbine blade. Three typical control strategies, with sensing signals from flapwise acceleration, root moment and tip deflection of the blade, respectively, were mainly investig...
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The heat transfer mechanism study of three-tank latent heat storage syst...
  A three-tank latent heat storage system in which liquid lead–bismuth eutectic alloy (LBE) is used as sen-sible heat storage medium, and sodium nitrate is selected as the phase change material (PCM), is proposed in the present work. The performance of thermal storage syst...
Numerical investigation of room temperature magnetic refrigerator using ...
  The paper reports numerical investigation of room temperature, active magnetocaloric regeneration (AMR)refrigerators/heat pumps using microchannel regenerator. The microchannel regenerators are made of a magnetocaloric material (MCM), Gd, with diameter of the circular cha...
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