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The experimental study on nitrogen oxides and SO2 emission for oxy-fuel ...
  Oxy-fuel circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) has an advantage of being operated with high oxygen concentration, making it a better choice for CO2 capture. In order to study the emission of nitrogen oxides and SO2 under O2/RFG (recycle flue gas) firing mode with an...
Analysis on the heat transfer characteristics of a micro-channel type po...
  To avoid the high flow frictional loss associated with conventional wire mesh Stirling regenerators, a micro-channel type stacked porous-sheets Stirling regenerator is investigated. An analytical solution is derived for the transient heat transfer characteristics of the f...
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Hydrogen production from chemical looping steam reforming of glycerol by...
  Hydrogen production from chemical looping steam reforming (CLSR) of glycerol was studied by Ni-based oxygen carrier in a fixed-bed reactor. For the fixed-bed reactor configuration, solid Ni-based oxygen carrier is stationary and alternatively exposed to reducing and oxidi...
Influence of type of burner on NO emissions for pulverized coal preheati...
  Coal preheating method has demonstrated great potential to reduce NOx emissions. Interestingly, whether this method is suitable for all types of burner remains to be elucidated. Four types of burner with different air staging schemes were studied in the present experiment...
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