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Datong Sub-institute of IET, CAS

May 25, 2020 / Author by SUN Yanfang Text SizeDBS

Datong Sub-institute of IET, CAS, also called Datong Institute of Coal Clean Efficient Utilization, is a local institutional legal entity cooperatively established by IET, CAS and Datong Government in Shanxi Province, covering an area of 100 mu land (about 16.47 acres), where 15 buildings including scientific research center, academic center, main experiment building, and general experiment building, etc. will be constructed.

Orienting by the national strategy of medium and long term energy development plan and the market demand of the main battlefield of national economy, based on the characteristics and advantageous subjects of IET,CAS, and combining the need of Datong government, Datong sub-institute focuses on R&D of coal clean efficient utilization technology and industrial transformation through establishing the platforms of technology R&D and industrialization of coal clean efficient utilization, with the aim to form a series of internationally competitive technologies and products, making it a world-leading R&D center and industrialization base of coal clean efficient utilization, promoting the upgrading, transformation and structural adjustment of related industry in China Coal Capital, finalizing the enhance of independent innovation and core competitiveness of Datong city.

In 2019, the construction of the Datong Sub-institute was progressing smoothly. The T2 and T3 test platforms have been completed and are under commissioning. The T4 test platform has been completed also. More than two-thirds of the T5 test platform has been built. The T7 test platform has been completed with a steel frame platform. Seven sets of construction design, five sets of system design, and equipment layout design of the test platforms have been completed.


Open ceremony of Datong Institute of Coal Clean Efficient Utilization

Signing Ceremony

Datong Sub-institute of IET, CAS


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