Postgraduate Education

Jun 26, 2019 / Author by YANG Yuanzhi Text SizeDBS

By December 2018, the number of postgraduate students reached 272, including 131 PhD students and 141 masters, being an important research force of the institute. The institute constantly promoted the internationalization of education, enrolled 2 foreign post-doctors, 2 foreign PhD students and 2 foreign masters, and sent 2 PhD students abroad under international joint supervision.
The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SAA, UCAS), which was constructed by IET as the leading institute, together with Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Innovation Academy for Microsatellites, Aerospace Information Research Institute and Institute of Automation, was formally established on 25th October. The School will develop Systems Engineering, Aircraft Design, Propulsion and Power Engineering, Information and Control and other related frontier interdisciplinary. Focusing on the great demand to cultivate leaders in the aeronautical and astronautical composite field, the school would become an international first-class aeronautical and astronautical school with the characteristics of integration of science and education. The establishment of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics was an important measure to meet the needs of the development of National Aeronautics and astronautics, to promote the development of National Aeronautics and astronautics science and technology, and to train a group of leading aeronautical and astronautical talents with core competitiveness. It would write a new chapter in the cause of aviation and Aeronautics and Astronautics education of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
On 29th September, the founding meeting of Wu Chung-Hua School jointly constructed by IET and North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) was held. Wu Chung-Hua School covers postgraduate and undergraduate education. It makes full use of the intellectual and technological resources of both institute and university to train scientists, industry leaders and outstanding engineers in the field of energy. The establishment of Wu Chung-Hua School strengthens the construction of research human resource of IET. It is also a testimony of the joint venture of IET and NCEPU in the fields of power engineering and engineering thermophysics.
The number of graduates in 2018 reached 57, including 26 graduates with PhD degree and 31 graduates with master’s degree. At the graduation ceremony, the Institute held an outdoor degree awarding function, in which Zhu Junqiang, the director of IET, issued a degree certificate for the graduates, and Academician Xu Jianzhong drew the tassels for them. The Ceremony is both an affirmation of graduates' hard work in the past few years and a starting point for them to continue to move towards a better future.
In 2018, the activities of party branch and postgraduate association were lively carried out, including academic communication, research learning, recreational and sports activities, etc. The Party branch of postgraduate students carried out the "Knowledge Competition of Party History", and organized a Visit to "Scientific Research Honesty Exhibition" and a visit to the Memorial Hall of the War of Resistance against Japan with the League Committee of IET. All these activities improved the ideological understanding and theoretical level of postgraduates. Academic software training, article writing, resume making, and workplace etiquette were organized. Sports such as, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, walking, orienteering were organized. Voluntary services were carried out such as, public science day, charity donation, teachers' day honoring teacher activities, visiting retired teachers.
In 2018, supervisors and postgraduates performed well in various selections. Academician Jin Hongguang and Professor Lyu Qinggang were awarded with “Excellent advisor of Chinese Academy of Sciences”. Professor Kong Wenjun's "Higher Combustion Theory" won the “Excellent Course” of School of Engineering Sciences, UCAS. Bai Zhang was awarded with “Excellent doctoral dissertation of Chinese Academy of Sciences”. Qi Xiaobin was awarded with President's Special Award of CAS. Su Bosheng was awarded President's Excellent Award of CAS and “Zhongke group of environmental protection Scholarship”. Li Wenjia was awarded with “Wu Chung-Hua outstanding student award”. 9 students were awarded with “National Scholarship”. 13 students were awarded with “"Four dimensional power" scholarship”. 136 students were awarded with “Graduate student annual scholarship”.
The institute strictly implements “the implementation measures for strengthening postdoctoral management”, and strengthened post-doctoral management from the aspects of admission, graduation and in-station management. In 2018, there were 6 postdoctorals joining in, 4 postdoctorals leaving, and 19 at the station. For the first time, one postdoctoral student in IET has been funded by Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Support Program.

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