The Institute and Warwick University signed a memorandum of cooperation

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On July 16th, BAI Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, LI Wei, director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHEN Haisheng, deputy director of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, and NING Bolun, deputy director of the European Division of the International Cooperation Bureau, were invited to visit the University of Warwick.

On behalf of Warwick University, Mike Shipman, vice President of Warwick University, welcomed the delegation of the Academy of Sciences and expressed appreciation and gratitude to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Warwick University for their cooperation over the years. He emphasized that the traditional friendship between China and Britain is profound and a good partner for mutual trust. Warwick University attaches great importance to scientific engineering and will continue to support the mutually beneficial cooperation between Warwick University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. BAI Chunli briefed the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the development framework of the "three in one" of scientific research institutes, academic departments and educational institutions, as well as the scientific research system serving the national economy. It also introduced the situation of international cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, international strategy and the establishment of science and education bases overseas. He hopes to carry out deeper cooperation in bilateral talent training and in the field of scientific research of common interest in the future. On behalf of the Institute, CHEN Haisheng gave a detailed introduction to the development status of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and the cooperation with Warwick University.

Under the witness of BAI Chunli, CHEN Haisheng signed a new official memorandum of understanding on behalf of the Institute and Warwick University. This marks a new stage of development for the cooperation between the two sides. This agreement also opened the Chinese and British sides in energy science and a new chapter in engineering cooperation.

There is a long-standing friendship between the Institute and Warwick University. In recent years, under the support of the British Engineering and Materials Fund, the Royal Society of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the two sides have a deep cooperation on the research in the fields of compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage, heat transfer, distributed generation and chemical processes.

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