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National Energy Large-scale Physical Energy Storage Technology (Bijie) R&D Center

May 25, 2020 / Author by ZUO Zhitao Text SizeDBS

In 2019, Bijie R&D Center completed the construction of the National Energy Large-scale Physical Energy Storage Technology Comprehensive Experimental Platform Project, completed an experiment platform, finished the validation of key technologies for the compressor, expander, heat storage and exchange, and system coupling, carried out research and development of next-generation system equipment. The center guaranteed the construction of 10MW level demonstration systems, and ensured successful completion of major projects such as “973 Program”; completed the adjustment of medium and high temperature heat storage experimental platforms, and guaranteed the successful conclusion of “STS Project”, finished the adjustment of the expander closed-type experimental platform to promote its industrialization.

Bijie R&D Center actively applied for project support. In 2019, a total of 8 projects were signed respectively with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Plan Project of Guizhou Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Bijie Municipal Talent Work Leading Group, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee. These projects guaranteed the sustainable development of Bijie R&D center.


Research Building

CHEN Haisheng introduced the R&D Center

ZHANG Meiying investigated and surveyed the R&D Center 

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