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The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET) originated from the Power Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) founded by Academician WU Zhonghua in 1956. At present, it has developed into a research institute combining Dynamic & Electric Engineering and Energy Science & Technology in strategic advanced technology. Since its establishment, the institute has made many remarkable achievements including winning national second prizes, and more than 40 CAS or ministerial second/above second prizes. It has also won more than 50 national, CAS or ministerial third-level prizes.

The institute has 520 staff members, including 486 skilled professionals, two CAS academicians, 61 research professors and 130 associate research professors. The institute has been authorized to confer doctorate and master’s degrees to candidates in research areas of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics and to confer master’s degrees in the field of Aerospace Science and Technology, Energy and Power Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering. Centers for post-doctoral studies have been founded, within which 34 post-doctors are registered. In addition, there are 139 candidates working toward their doctorates and 151 pursuing their master’s degrees. In 2020, the institute has recruited 18 senior positions.

In 2020, the Institute has successfully completed the transformation of the member’s Party and government, and continuously deepened the reform of the scientific research system, the institute’s research funds reached a new height, and the major and key projects progressed smoothly as well. The institute successfully applied for more than 124 scientific research projects. The new contract value was 1.617 billion CNY, 2.5 times that of 2019, and the funds in place were 901 million CNY. The institute submitted 265 national patents, and 167 patents (81 domestic invention patents and 5 foreign invention patents) and 13 software copyrights were authorized. 286 papers were indexed by SCI and 353 by EI.

In 2020, the "Innovation Research Institute of Light-duty Gas Turbine" led the construction by the Institute continued to deepen system and reform mechanism, concentrated strengths, and achieved remarkable results in the organization and implementation of major tasks; The Basic Science Center program of National Natural Science Foundation of China’s "Orderly Energy Conversion" has produced a number of bright results; The theory of concentrating solar energy quality and energy potential has proposed, laying the theoretical foundation for orderly transformation of energy; The first academy engineering laboratory "Coal Clean Combustion and Gasification Engineering Laboratory" was approved to established, the circulating fluidized bed coal gasification technology put into operation in the world's largest coal-based industrial gas project; The internationally pioneered new principle engine has completed system integration, test run, and reached slow speed; The institute’s first turbofan engine project was approved by bidding; The 100MW supercritical compressed air energy storage demonstration project has completed the development of key core components; As the legal entity of the project, the preliminary design budget of national major science and technology infrastructure projects "High-Efficiency Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Test Facility" has been approved, and the construction of the test platform/system and supporting projects proceeded smoothly in accordance with the node; The self-developed 35MW gas turbine gas generator has achieved full speed operation; In 2020, the institute continued to maintain a good cooperation with local governments and enterprises, with newly signed 67 four technology contracts and funding nearly CNY 2.3 billion. The institute has set up 2 industrial companies invested as shares based on intellectual property rights.

In 2020, the Institute has overcome the impact of the Covid-19 and became more active integration into the global cooperation network. Relying on the International Energy Storage Alliance, the second International Energy Storage Technology and Industry Conference was convened and a global energy storage instrument sharing management platform was built. The Institute has cooperated respectively with top scientific research institutions in Japan, Australia, Ukraine and other countries and applied for and obtained approval Chinese Academy of Sciences International Partnership Project.

In 2020, the Institute has won many awards. "Key technology and application of high efficiency cost ratio of aeroengine" has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; "Research and Application of Key Technology of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System" has won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award; The circulating fluidized bed technical team has won CAS Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award; The light aeroengine team has won the Outstanding Contribution Award for the National Defense Science and Technology Industry. The director Zhu Junqiang of the Institute has won the first prize of the 8th "China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award"; Researcher Ma Xiaoping has won the advanced worker of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The journal sponsored by the institute ranks eighth in the total score of the science and technology publishing work statistics of the whole institute. In recent eight years, Journal of Thermal Science won the honor “Chinese Excellent Academic Periodicals of International Influence” by Chinese Assessment Center for Academic Journals.

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