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Analytic optimization of Joule-Brayton cycle-based pumped thermal electricity...

Having the advantages of high efficiency and high energy storage density, pumped thermal electricity storage (PTES) is a promising mechanical energy storage technology that is typically suitable for large-scale energy storage.

May 20, 2022 / By WANG Liang
Experimental investigation on a novel wind-to-heat system with high efficiency

To verify the performance of this system, a prototype of that was established in the north of China and a series of tests had been conducted under different wind conditions.

May 20, 2022 / By Sun X.Y.
Stall Behaviour in a Mixed-flow Compressor with Axial Slot Casing Treatment

Casing treatment is an effective technique in extending stall margin of axial and centrifugal compressor.The numerical results confirmed that the mixed-flow compressor fell into rotating stall via spike-type with and without ASCT. The flow structure of the spike inception was investigated at 50% design rotational speed.These results not only can...

Apr 22, 2022 / By QIU Jiahui
Influence of Hub Contouring on the Performance of a Transonic Axial Compresso...

The rotor blade height with low hub-tip ratio is relatively longer, and the aerodynamic parameters change drastically from hub to tip. Especially the organization of flow field at hub becomes more difficult.

Apr 22, 2022 / By LI Xinlong