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Postgraduate Education

May 08, 2021 / Author by ZHAO Siqiao Text SizeDBS

Research Team

As of December 31, 2020, the institute had headcount of 520 employees on a full-time basis. Of the total employed people, 486 were professional faculty members, including two CAS members, 61 professors and 130 assistant professors.

With the rapid growth of human resources demand for scientific research programs, the institute through innovation on working methods to introduced key and urgently technical personnel at all levels by multiple channels. For professionals in urgent need, the institute introduced employ hunting method to accurately excavate and actively recommend them. For key researchers, the institute make full use of social recruitment platforms such as Zhaopin.com and 51job.com to find suitable candidates. Combining with the special situation of the epidemic, the institute flexibly use of new media platforms, such as Tik Tok and Bilibili, to carry out online campus presentation. In order to strengthen the recruitment propaganda, recruitment advertising had been widely published through WeChat official accounts and the Education Section of embassies abroad. In 2020, the institute introduced a total of 18 Senior Post Talents.

The institute insists on both talent introduction and training, actively build innovative platform for talent development. Utilizing various talent projects of the state, the CAS and the institute, to provide opportunities for the development of all types of talents. In 2020, one professor was supported by the National Science and Technology Excellence Young Scientists Fund, one program was supported by Hai Chuang Fund. Four researchers joined “Youth Innovation Promotion Association (YIPA)”; two professors won the outstanding member title of YIPA; two professors enrolled in Key technologists of CAS; one team won the “LU Jiaxi International Team”, one professor won the “WU Chung-hua Young Scholarship”; 41 special research assistants were engaged and four people got special research assistant project funding.

In order to ensure the promotion channels for young talents, the post setting and promotion evaluation system has been improved. In 2020, a total of 66 employees have got promotion. The institute took various measures to attract and stabilize young talents. We supported young talents to actively carry out academic exchanges and cooperation, broadened their horizons in science and technology, and improved comprehensive quality. The institute look forward to more outstanding young talents can stand out and gradually grow into academic leaders. In order to further increase the support for outstanding young talents, the institute keep going with the talent training programs which came out in 2019, such as the “Young Talent Training Program”, “Excellent Young Doctoral Talent Support Program” and “Climbing Talent Program” in 2020.

Management believes that a major strength and principal reason for the success of the institute is the quality and dedication of employees and the shared sense of being part of a team. Instilling the Institute Culture and a sense of learning in all employees is a continuous process, in which training plays an important part. In 2020, all employees were offered the opportunity to participate in education and periodic seminars that the institute sponsor at various domain throughout national policy, management skills, Fund Management of scientific research, academic exchange activities and others. The institute strive to maintain a work environment that fosters professionalism, excellence, diversity, cooperation among their employees’ nationwide and high standards of research integrity.

The institute hosted the 13th annual meeting of the “WU Chunghua Award Fund Accreditation Council” in July 2020. Professor LI Mingjia from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor SUN Dakun Juntao from Beihang University, Professor ZHANG Yanfeng from Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS won the “WU Chung-hua Young Scholarship”. Nine postgraduate students won the “WU Chung-hua Excellent Student Award”, who were from University of Science and Technology of China, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Southeast University, Zhejiang University and Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS.

Postgraduate Education

By December 2020, the number of postgraduate students reached 290, including 139 PhD students and 151 masters, being an important research force of the institute. The institute constantly promoted the internationalization of education, enrolled three foreign PhD students and one foreign master, and sent three PhD students abroad under international joint supervision.

The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SAA, UCAS), which was constructed by IET as the leading institute, selected 85 postgraduate students from IET and joint institute in the centralized course learning. An offline school opening ceremony had been organized to enhance professional belief of postgraduates. In 2020, SAA offered 32 professional courses in full-time, 13 of which are taught by the teacher from IET.SAA strictly supervises teaching which realizes full coverage of courses and teachers, to constantly improve teaching quality. SAA made a breakthrough in educational and teaching achievements of UCAS, and won the "LI Pei excellent teacher award" and one excellent course of UCAS. Moreover, SAA applied to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology to settle the auxiliary booster test pieces of the Long March 7 Launch Vehicle in UCAS campus. The test pieces have been installed by the end of 2020 and will be used as teaching tools and science popularization exhibits of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Institute promoted the integration of science and education with NCEPU, USTC, UJS, DLUT and other universities, jointly training undergraduates and postgraduates. The IET offered three professional courses for undergraduates, with a total of 96 class hours and 6 credits. The IET provided more than 40 class hours professional frontier lectures for elite classes in universities through offline and online, which greatly broadens the vision of students. The construction of elite class has reserved high-quality postgraduates for the Institute, and provided 21% of the postgraduate candidates exempt from admission exam in 2021.

The Institute has deepened the integration with the departments of USTC. On the basis of building Wu Chung-Hua elite class, IET and USTC have established a postgraduate training base with institute and department’s cooperation. IET has formulated the management measures for joint training of postgraduates, which standardized the procedures for enrollment, management, and departure of graduate students in joint training. It achieved the same treatment in awards and medical management, and promoted the joint training of graduate students into the Institute. In 2020, totally 53 graduate students have been in the Institute for joint training, scientific research practice and dissertation research.

The number of graduates in 2020 reached 70, including 39 PhD graduates and 31 master graduates. At the graduation ceremony, the Institute held a degree awarding function, in which ZHU Junqiang, the director of IET, issued a degree certificate for the graduates, and Academician XU Jianzhong drew the tassels for them. The Ceremony is both an affirmation of graduates' hard work in the past few years and a starting point for them to overcome COVID-19's influence and continue to move towards a better future.

In 2020, the activities of party branch of postgraduate students and postgraduate association were lively carried out, including academic communication, research learning, recreational and sports activities, etc. The party branch organized out the online party day activity with the theme "Fight against epidemic influence, IET students in action", carrying out varied ideological and political education. Postdoctoral forum and postgraduate forum were organized by online plus offline method to activate the academic atmosphere in IET. Sports such as, basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards, gas volleyball were organized. Voluntary services were carried out such as, science popularization, charity donation, teachers' day honoring teacher activities, visiting retired teachers.

In 2020, supervisors and postgraduates performed well in various selections. Professor ZHANG Na was awarded with “Excellent advisor of Chinese Academy of Sciences”. The course “Advanced heat transfer” which was taught by Professor JIANG YuYan was awarded with “Excellent course of School of Engineering Sciences, CAS”. Professor TIAN ZhenYu won Zhu Li YueHua excellent teacher prize. WANG ZeFeng was awarded with excellent doctor of CAS. QU Xiao and LI ZiLiang were awarded with President's Excellent Award of CAS. JIANG QiongQiong was awarded with Baosteel Award. ZHANG YingJie won Zhu Li YueHua excellent doctor Scholarship. QU WanJun and QU Xiao were awarded with WU Chung-Hua outstanding student award. CUI XinYing was awarded with Zhongke group of Environmental Protection Scholarship. Waqas Muhammad was awarded 2020 Excellent International Graduates of UCAS. 7 students were awarded with National Scholarship. 13 students were awarded with "Four dimensional power" scholarship. 144 students were awarded with Graduate student annual scholarship.

In 2020, there were 6 postdoctorals joining in the IET postdoctoral station, reaching IET record high. 2 postdoctorals were supported by the youth fund of NSFC. 1 postdoctoral was funded by Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Support Program, 1 by Postdoctoral International Exchange Talent Introduction Program, 2 by the special research assistant project of CAS, and 14 by the advanced discipline postdoctoral project by School of Engineering Science UCAS. In 2019, there were 6 postdoctoral leaving, 17 at the station.

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