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2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the opening year of the 14th Five Year Plan, and the key year to start the new journey of the second phase of the "first action" plan. The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics is guided by the Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and strengthen the "Four Consciousness", the "Four Self-Confidence", and resolutely achieve the "Two Maintenance". Under the strong leadership of the Party group of the Academy, we carefully compared with the requirements of "Four Pioneers" and "Two Expeditions and One Effort", further strengthened the mission of "National Team" and "National People", actively strive for major tasks, pay close attention to major achievements, deepen the reform of scientific and technological system, promote the construction of Party building and innovative culture, and put all undertakings to a new level.

In 2021, we continued to move forward and strive to be the first. We focused on national needs and cutting-edge science and technology, and complete the preparation of the 14th Five Year Plan with high quality. We actively applied for the State Key Laboratory of "distributed energy system", focused on the research and construction of "high efficiency and low carbon gas turbine test device" for the major scientific and technological infrastructure of the 12th Five Year Plan, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Shunyi District to build the Shunyi Park of the Research Institute; The "research and development platform of low-carbon energy power system" of science and education infrastructure in the 14th Five Year Plan passed the preliminary examination. We put forward on "Double Carbon" and took the lead in organizing the pilot project of "clean coal combustion and low-carbon utilization"; We undertook and completed the national scientific and technological tasks such as major special basic research, key R&D plans and key core technology research of the "two aircraft" with high quality. We undertook 216 projects throughout the year, with a paid-in fund of 1.428 billion CNY.

In 2021, the overall and main component scheme design for international first new principle ATR engine has been accomplished, and the positive sample identification test on 400kg thrust turbofan engine has been achieved to meet the urgent power needs of a high-performance UAV; The performance of 500kg thrust turbojet engine meets the standard, and the thrust per unit area ranks the international leading level; the low altitude flight test on 35m KT-1 UAV has been performed; system integration and joint commissioning and test on KY-8 UAV has been carried out; The supersonic flight of a new target plane was realized at an altitude of 10000 meters; The subsystem combustion scientific experiment cabinet of "921" project has been successfully converted to normal; For 60-160t/h series capacity grade coal-fired industrial boilers, ammonia free ultra-low NOx original emission was fulfilled; The original "in-situ binary" cement kiln low nitrogen combustion technology has achieved ultra-low NOx emission and reached the international leading level; The 10MW compressed air energy storage system was successfully connected to the grid for power generation in Feicheng and Bijie; the 100MW advanced compressed air energy storage demonstration project began to be connected to the grid for commissioning; The first MW level Island distributed electric cooling dehumidification combined supply system in China was successfully completed.

In 2021, we commit to our original aspiration, pursue for truth and persist to innovation. We gained approval on the "youth team plan in basic research field" project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recruiting 16 high-level talents such as Outstanding Young Scientists, Distinguished Young Scientists and Outstanding Young youths in Beijing, and 95 people were promoted throughout the year.

In 2021, we obtained brilliant achievements. "Light aviation power extremely complex environment test technology and application" won the first prize of Shandong science and technology progress award, and the light power team won the science and technology promotion and development award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We successfully held international academic conferences such as "Asian Congress on Gas Turbine" and "World Energy Storage Technology Conference", built academic platforms and promoted multi-party exchanges and cooperation.

In 2022, we look forward to much more achievements. The leading group of the institute will work with all employees to abide by the positioning of the national team in the field of energy and power, and support the low-carbon transformation of the national energy structure and the leapfrog development of power equipment. We will work together with friends from all walks of life to the future and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements. 

In 2020, we have enhanced the spirit of science and built a highland of talents. The Institute continued to optimize the talent environment, supplemented 21 high-level talents including “Outstanding Youth”, and 66 positions were promoted throughout the year. The integration of science and education was propelled, and "WU Chung-hua College" and "WU Chung-hua Class" were jointly built. Researcher MA Xiaoping was awarded the Advanced Worker of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 2020, we have used our fruitful achievements to demonstrate the strategic science and technology strength. "Key technology and application of high efficiency cost ratio of aeroengine" has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; "Research and Application of Key Technology of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System" has won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award; The circulating fluidized bed technical team has won CAS Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award; The light aeroengine team has won the Outstanding Contribution Award for the National Defense Science and Technology Industry.

In 2021, we will continue to forge ahead and create greater glories. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The leadership team will work with all the staff, with the innovative spirit of bravely standing up to the tide and dare to be the first, and the heroic gesture of bravely rolling stones up the mountain, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the new era of scientists, and resolutely give full play to the role of national strategic scientific and technological forces. Don't forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, unite, overcome difficulties, and work together with friends from all walks of life to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements!

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