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International Cooperation and Exchanges in 2014

Jul 22, 2015 / Author by Text SizeDBS

The institute reached a new level in international cooperation in 2014. The institute signed 4 international scientific and technological cooperation special projects, and approved funds of around CNY 12 million, the institute carried out cooperation and communication with Russia, the UK, Poland and Sweden, etc. In addition, the institute approved initial funding for one scientific study from Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Ministry of Education; and applied for two programs of "International Talent Exchange Plan"of CAS in 2014. The International Postdoctoral program (that was applied for by TIAN Zhenyu as a co-researcher) was approved; Doctor Patrick Mountapmbeme Kouotou, Ma Aru University Cameroon, will come to IET and carry out cooperative research.

The international cooperation projects have been going smoothly: The Sino-Denmark technology cooperation special project "Research on the Key Technologies for Wind Power Generation Based on Chinese Wind Resources with Complex Characteristics"was accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The special funding project for cooperation in science and technology with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus was successfully completed.

In 2014, in order to reinforce the management of overseas matters, the institute established the Foreign Affairs Leading Group, and drafted the annual plan for international cooperation projects process and participation in international academic conferences. 32 groups and 70 people went abroad to destinations including the US, UK, Canada, and 14 other countries for research cooperation and academic communication. Many researchers were invited to give a plenary talk or to act as a chair for an international conference. Also, the institute, in relation to foreign affairs, welcomed visits from 30 international groups and 48 people, including Kuwait Research Institute, French Suez Energy Group, the Japanese national Kyushu University, and others.

Deputy researcher DU Juan won the German Humboldt scholarship, and will go to Germany for cooperation and exchange for one year. In addition, Professor Williams, Director of Energy Research Institute of the British University of Leeds, and Professor Robert K. Cheng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) senior scientist, came to the institute and gave wonderful academic presentations. The flourishing of international academic exchange further bolstered the image of our institute and its academic status.

Academic communication between University of Leeds and the Institute 

Professor Neil Hewitt from the University of Ulster pay a visit to the Institute

Researchers from French Suez Energy Group pay a visit to the Institute

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