Unmanned Aircraft Laboratory

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Research Fields

Based on the solid foundation of the Light-duty Gas-turbine Technology from IET, and centering the requirement for the designation and system integration of UAV platform, we research in the area such as general technologies of UAVs, tackle problems of key technologies, system integration innovation, designation of related products etc..

Team Building

The UAV laboratory has 22 staffs, including one researcher and two associate senior engineers, three postgraduate students in the lab.

Projects and Major Achievements

In 2017, four projects were in process, three of them were new projects, including one exploring major research, one Chinese Academy of Sciences' major deployment and one from corporation.

The world’s first large cargo unmanned aerial vehicle AT200 successfully completed its maiden flight on Oct 26, 2017.

Technology Transfer

The cost of the transformation contract of a target UAV project is CNY 20 million.

Patents and Paper

11 patents are being applied.


The lab won the first major contribution award of IET.

Dean: Ma Xiaoping      Tel: 86-10-82543198      E-mail: maxiaoping@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: He Yong          Tel: 86-10-82543198       E-mail: heyong@iet.cn


Unmanned Aircraft Laboratory team 

 AT200 flying review conference

AT200 public demonstration flight completed successfully 

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