Research Center for Energy and Power

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Research Fields

Fundamental research, R&D of low-carbon energy and power transformation technology and system, mainly on the following research directions:
1. High-efficiency and low-carbon gas turbine
2. Advanced fuel conversion
3. Advanced power cycle and energy & power system

Team Building

Currently, the center has 48 employees, including 5 professors, 18 associate professors; 36 graduate students including 12 pursuing a doctorate and 24 pursuing a Master’s degree. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences granted Ph.D. degree to three students and Master degree to seven students in 2022.

Projects and Major Achievements

The center undertook the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility" and led the basic research project of national “aero-engine and gas turbine” major project, named “the fundamental research on wet gas turbine cycle technology” and “Combustion mechanism and verification of coal to fuel gas in IGCC heavy duty gas turbine combustor”.
For gas turbine, the concept of dry low-emission combustion of pure hydrogen fuel has been completely verified. the dynamic characteristics of the micromix flames with different hydrogen contents have been investigated. the stable micro-mix combustion of near stoichiometric hydrogen and air diluted with water vapor has been achieved, and the mechanism and characteristics of tangential effusion cooling across double walls have been uncovered. In terms of gas turbine combustion chamber development, the highpressure experimental investigation of an HMM01 humid air combustion chamber, followed by the design and manufacturing of an HMM02 humid air combustion chamber, has been carried out, and the schematic design of an IGMM01 coal gas combustion chamber has been completed. In addition, the self-developed hydrogen-rich combustion chamber has operated safely and reliably for more than 10,000 hours on the AGT-25 gas turbine, and the combustion chamber with natural gas-coke oven gas dual fuel nozzles has been commercially confirmed through its operation in the 6B gas turbine system for more than 5,000 hours. The natural gas dry low-emission combustion chamber for the AGT-25 gas turbine has been experimentally tested under full temperature and full pressure conditions, and its test on the gas turbine is in progress.
Regarding advanced fuel conversion, research on principle verification of new fuel conversion technology has been carried out. The calcium cycle intrinsic carbon capture hydrogen production process's calcination reaction of calciumbased carriers occurred preferentially at the crystal plane (104), which verified the validity of the macroscopic kinetic mechanism underlying the twodimensional nucleation mechanism. The MW-scale dual-bed calcium cycle hydrogen production with carbon capture unit was built and the initial cold tests have been completed.
With respect to advanced power cycle and energy & power system, the characteristic of liquid-like inlet condensation and its mechanism of changing the stable and efficient operation boundary of the compressor were revealed for the supercritical CO2 cycles. The loss model group suitable for sCO2 radialinflow turbine was screened out and the selection criteria for sCO2 turbine throughflow structure was proposed. A novel approach was presented to solve the problem of large thermal inertia and thermal stress in existing microchannel heat exchangers. To clarify the quantitative influence of specific equipment, piping and other component volumes on the inlet state of the compressor, a dynamic simulation model of the sCO2 cycle was established and validated against the test results already obtained. The installation and commissioning of Megawatt-level sCO2 Brayton cycle experimental unit have been completed. The heat extraction device has reached the design index of 5 MWth and 550°C. The low parameter test of the whole experimental unit has been completed. For the heavy-duty gas turbines, the database of key components and complete machine of heavy-duty gas turbine has been established, which can provide the performance data of components or complete machine, price information of current international mainstream gas turbine types and combined cycle, as well as the characteristic curve data of some compressor types. The way to further improve the performance of gas turbines was investigated, and the reheat cycle of gas turbines was analyzed and optimized. The installation of industrial sideline test demonstration device for flue gas deep purification and water heat recovery with the capacity of 10 000 m3/h flue gas treatment was completed. The commissioning of main equipment was completed.
The national major science and technology infrastructure project "HighEfficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility": the manufacture, supervision and factory acceptance of the main equipment of compressor, combustion chamber, turbine and supercritical carbon dioxide test platform have been completed. Some equipment has been on site and installed. We have carried out gas turbine test for high-efficiency new cycle test rig. Air inlet system, regenerator, flue gas/water heat exchanger, humidifier, aftercooler and other equipment are being processed and manufactured. The installation and commissioning of the new high-pressure and large-flow air source have been completed. The joint commissioning is under way. The pipeline from the air source to the test platforms has been completed. Shanghai gas source is being installed and will be formally commissioned.

Technology Transfer

The center worked together with Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province, and Shanghai city to promote the supporting engineering construction and detailed design of the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility". The Center signed 2 contracts with enterprises, with a funding of 150 thousand CNY.


Patents and Paper

Throughout the year, 31 papers were published including 18 indexed by SCI and 4 indexed by EI; 11 invention patents were applied for; 2 invention patents and 4 utility model patents were authorized, and 3 software copyrights were authorized.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The center continued to promote substantial cooperation with US members of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC) and of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Energy and Water Track (CERC-WET).
The center participated 2 international cooperation projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, called “Carbon capture, storage, utilization, demonstration and new generation of technology development” and “key technologies of energy and water bond and efficient green utilization” respectively. Joint team carried out research on kinetics of key processes of coal gasification based on calcium absorbent, efficient and water-saving IGCC/IGFC power plants, water and heat simultaneous recovery technology.
Center researchers participated in the Asian Congress on Gas Turbines 2020 (ACGT 2020) on line and presented papers.
Dean: XU Xiang 86-10-82543067
Deputy Dean: ZHAO Lifeng 86-10-82543067
                       SHAO Weiwei 86-10-82543085
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