Research Center for Energy and Power

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Research Fields

Fundamental research, RD&D of advanced energy and power transformation technology and system.

Research Directions:

1. Heavy-duty Gas Turbine

2. Advanced fuel conversion

3. Advanced Power Cycle and Energy & Power System

4. Energy Saving and Environment Protection

Team Building

Currently, the center has 28 employees, including 3 research professors, 10 associate research professors; 29 graduate students including 11 pursuing a doctorate and 18 pursuing a Master’s degree. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences granted Ph.D. degree to two students and Master degree to five students in 2020.

Projects and Major Achievements

The center undertook the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility" and led the basic research project of national “aero-engine and gas turbine” major project, named “the fundamental research on wet gas turbine cycle technology”.

For heavy duty gas turbine, we studied the method of scale adaptive simulation (SAS), the method of predicting flashback and lean blowout boundaries based on steady and unsteady CFD simulation, the CFD-CRN simulation method for predicting lean blowout boundary, and verified these methods against experimental data. A conceptual scheme of non-uniform fuel injection arrangement suitable for axial-fuel-staged combustor was proposed and numerically investigated. The results showed the scheme provided an overall improvement in the performance of axial-fuel-staged combustion. The research on the influence of air humidity and heat load on the flame structure, flame stability and NOx emission characteristics of humid air MILD flame has been carried out, and the overall design scheme of the humidification cycle gas turbine combustor has been formed. The design of the coke oven gas nozzle applied to the AGT-25 gas turbine, the CFD simulation analysis, and the singlecan full-scale combustion chamber test verification have been completed. The nozzle has been applied to the demonstration project and successfully achieved ignition and fuel switching and demonstrative operation.

Regarding advanced fuel conversion, the Nuclear Overhauser Effect caused by Cross Polarization in NMR spectroscopy were corrected based on BMCP statistical mechanism model, and the structure-function relationship during pyrolysis of heavy organic resources were obtained. The radical chain reaction networks were then established for multiple thermal conversion processes under chemical reaction control, the reaction behavior can be predicted under multi-scale. The gas-solid flow model for triple-bed reactor with high throughput was obtained, experiments and simulations using the model were carried out. A MW grade hydrogen-rich syngas preparation test facility based on two beds is under construction.

With respect to advanced power cycle and energy & power system, we preliminarily established the calculation and analysis capability of static thermodynamic performance of heavy-duty gas turbine and its combined cycle. We carried out the study of the influence characteristics of key parameters of gas turbine and combined cycle based on H-stage gas turbine, and revealed the quantitative contribution of further improvement of component efficiency and turbine cooling technology to the efficiency improvement of heavy duty gas turbine and combined cycle. We established the steady-state design and offdesign models of two 10MW prototype gas turbines and humid air gas turbines with different pressure ratios to study the performance of different thermal cycles and component matching. We completed the experimental research on the characteristics of the internal cooling vertical pipe falling film absorber and the renovation of the circulating test rig of the open absorption heat pump with the capacity of 400Nm3/h flue gas treatment, and it is in trial operation. The process flow design of water recovery test demonstration device with the capacity of 10 000 m3/h flue gas treatment was completed.

The national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility": We completed the preliminary design review and acceptance. The preliminary design investment estimate has been reviewed and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. We completed the biding and bid evaluation of compressor test platform, the combustion chamber test platform CTF# 2 test rig, the turbine test platform, engineering designs of efficient cycle test rig and low carbon sCO2 cycle test rig, and the main compressor of low carbon sCO2 cycle test rig. We signed the contracts and technical agreements with the successful bidder respectively. CTF#1 test rigs of the combustion chamber test platform have been installed and sub-system commissioning has been completed. Dynamic commissioning is under way, among which the CC-02A full-temperature pressurized single-cylinder combustion chamber test rig has been successfully ignited for one time.

Technology Transfer

The center worked together with Jiangsu province, Lianyungang city and Shanghai city to promote the review of investment estimate of the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility". The National Development and Reform Commission approved the project investment on July 6, 2020. The total investment of the project is CNY 2668.44 million. The Center signed 2 contracts with enterprises, with a funding of CNY 23.9 million. Throughout the year, 16 papers were published including 9 indexed by SCI; 8 invention patents were applied for, 3 utility model patents were authorized, and 2 software copyrights were authorized.

Patents and Paper

Throughout the year, 16 papers were published including 9 indexed by SCI; 8 invention patents were applied for, 3 utility model patents were authorized, and 2 software copyrights were authorized.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The center continued to promote substantial cooperation with US members of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC) and of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Energy and Water Track (CERC-WET). The center participated 2 international cooperation projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, called “Carbon capture, storage, utilization, demonstration and new generation of technology development” and “key technologies of energy and water bond and efficient green utilization” respectively. Joint team carried out research on kinetics of key processes of coal gasification based on calcium absorbent, efficient and water-saving IGCC/IGFC power plants, water and heat simultaneous recovery technology. Center researchers participated in the 2020 Turbo Machinery Expo (ASME Turbo Expo 2020), 37th International Pittsburgh Coal Conference on line and presented papers.

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