Research Center for Energy and Power

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Research Fields

Research Fields: Fundamental research, R&D of advanced energy and power transformation technology and system.

Research Directions:

1. Dense Transport Bed Gasification

2. Heavy Gas Turbine

3. Advanced Power Cycle and Energy & Power System

4. Energy Saving and Environment Protection

5. Energy Science and Technology Innovation Strategy and Policy

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

The Center completed the stand-alone debugging and linkage debugging of the pressurized transport bed gasification engineering research facilities. Cold experimental research was carried out. Heating gasifier and commissioning preparation are in progress. The Center built the unique large-scale, full-size, full-temperature, high-pressure test platform for multi-fuel gas turbine combustors and completed the commissioning tests. The test platform can meet the requirements of B, E, E +, F-class multi-fuel heavy-duty full-size high-pressure gas turbine combustor tests, where the air flow can reach 4MPa pressure, 15 kg/s flow rate, and 450℃ preheating temperature. The test section is prepared for multi-functional tests with 2 stations.

Major Projects

The center undertook a Youth 973 program project, named “the fundamental research on gas turbine efficient, clean, mild combustion mechanism and combustor”, two subtasks of National 863 major project, named “R&D of medium and low heating value fuel R0110 gas turbine combustor” and “medium and low heating value fuel F-class gas turbine combustor and the overall system research”.

Major Achievements of 2015

Successfully completed full-size high-pressure tests for the medium- and low calorific value fuel fired R0110 heavy-duty gas turbine combustor. The sample combustor was manufactured and installed. The center completed full speed no-load tests in the factory through third-party verification and the design and manufacture of full temperature, full pressure, full size test piece of the medium- and low calorific value fired F-class gas turbine combustor. QD128 aero derivative gas turbine combustor used in the demonstration project has run cumulatively over 8000 hours.

Organization and Personnel

Currently, the center has 45 employees, including 6 research professors, 13 associate research professors, 1 person of Thousand Talent Program, 2 persons of CAS Hundred Talent Program; 32 graduate students including 14 pursuing a doctorate and 18 pursuing a Master’s degree; 3 post-doctors. 1 student was granted Ph.D. degree, and 3 students were granted Master degree in 2015.

Professor Xiao Yunhan is Committee member of Coal Chemistry of China Coal Association; Executive director of China Energy Research Association; Deputy head, Thermodynamics and Engineering Application of China Energy Research Association; General Secretary, Beijing Society of Engineering Thermophysics; Deputy editor in chief, International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Science; Member of editorial board, Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, Journal of Thermal Power and Coal Journal.

Technology Transfer

In 2015, the center signed four corporation projects with total contract amount of 13.8 million RMB.

The center worked together with Jiangsu province and Lianyungang city to promote the application of the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility". We had carried on the discussion and communication with Tsinghua University to reach a consensus on cooperative application.

The center and the people's government of Lianyungang Haizhou district signed an agreement on strengthening comprehensive science and technology cooperation, which focuses on planning and consulting, industry and talent cultivation, science and technology project.

Patents and Paper

32 papers were published throughout the year including 14 indexed by SCI, 15 by EI, 8 oral presentations at international conferences; 8 invention patents were applied for, 10 invention patents were authorized, and 1 utility model patent was authorized.


Professor Xiao Yunhan is Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, UK. Professor Lin Feng is the Awards Committee chair of the ASME Model and Intelligent Systems Committee; international director of Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ).

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The center is collaborating with foreign organizations including the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Harvard University, Virginia Tech, Utah State University, Tufts University, Global Environmental Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Energy Foundation, Blue Moon Foundation etc., to build joint laboratories and R&D base.

The center continued to promote international cooperation under the framework of Annex VI of the Protocol on cooperation in the field of fossil field energy technology development and utilization between Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and US DOE.

The center carried out joint research with NETL and PNNL. The center continued to promote substantial cooperation with US members of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC). Capture-ready gasification technology was supported during CERC II by MOST. In 2015, CEP became one of members of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Energy and Water Track (CERC-WET). The tasks include efficient and water-saving IGCC/IGFC Power Plants and water recycling from flue gas.

In 2015, 10 researchers attended important international academic meetings, including ASME Turbo Expo, The 28th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS 2015), The 12th International Symposium on Experimental and Computational Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flows (ISAIF12), International Gas Turbine Congress 2015 Tokyo (IGTC 2015 Tokyo), and presented 10 papers.

At the invitation of Prof. Lin Feng, Prof. Reza Abhari from Energy Conversion Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and Prof. Ottavy from University of Lyon came to the center for academic exchanges. The center invited Prof. Abraham Egenda as a distinguished researcher to center for communication and teaching in March. He opened the "Centrifugal Compressor Design and Optimization" course for graduate students. Associate professor Du Juan won German Humboldt scholarship and went to University of Hanover for year-long work and study.

Dean: Xiao Yunhan                    Tel: 86-10-82543065     E-mail:

Deputy Dean: Zhao Lifeng        Tel: 86-10-82543067     E-mail:

 Zhang Zhedian    Tel: 86-10-82543070     E-mail:

The Park under construction

Plasma pneumatic probe laboratory

Independent research and development of advanced dynamic entropy probe

The Experts of national major project “Engine and Gas Turbine” visited manufacturing technology laboratory

Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, investigated the center

Academician Advisory Committee of Jiangsu Province investigated the center

The governor of Jiangsu Province, Shi Taifeng visited the gas turbine combustor test platform and test pieces

Group photo of the researchers after the test

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