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Research Fields

Research Areas: With the orientation of advanced light-duty gas turbine technology research and development (R&D) and the system integration, the fundamental research of small turbofan engine and vehicle gas turbine, the key technology R&D, system integrated innovation and new product development have been carried out.

Research directions:

1. Aero-engine structural design and system integration: high-load, high-efficiency wide stall margin fan/ compressor technology; design technology of combined compressor (multistage axial compressor, mixed-flow and centrifugal compressors and two stage centrifugal compressor); design technology of aero-engine high temperature rise combustion chambers, principles and control technology of pollutants (NOx, CO, etc.) and emission in aero-engine; design technology of comprehensive consideration of aerodynamic, cooling and reliability of turbine blades, and its model R & D and gas turbine key technology verifications.

2. Structural design and system integration of vehicle gas turbine: structural design of high power density vehicle gas turbine; rotor-dynamics of tri-spool gas turbine; vibration and structural design of high-efficiency closed-impeller centrifugal compressor; structural design of compact multi-fuel annular combustor; adjusting law of variable guide vanes for power turbine; high-efficiency dust removing unit for vehicle gas turbine and the current regulation technology research; integration technology of full-electric high speed motor and gas turbine key technology verifications.

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

Since January 30, 2015, Qingdao institute of light-duty gas-turbine which for science research tests has completed the registration. This institute has been building the factories which contain 12000 square meters for test facilities and 50 MW transformer substations since 2014. At this institute, the Turbojet High-altitude test facility, the Turbofan High-altitude test facility and the others which requited at the national key S&T Special Projects will be built. Now Qingdao institute has already dealt with the formalities of the building, and the engineering drawings, at the schedule, the factory buildings construction will be completed by the end of 2016. The total funds of the Turbojet High-altitude test facility are 11.2 million RMB, and 176.75 million RMB for the Turbofan High-altitude test facility. For now, the Turbojet High-altitude test facility has completed the full funds disbursed, meanwhile, 70% completed for the turbofan facility, both of this two facility have completed the project design review, working for the engineering design. The High-altitude test facility could be conducted the turbojet testing in 2016 and the turbofan testing in 2017.

The Test Facility for 1MW and 4MW gas turbine has been constructed in CAS-Hefei Micro Gas Turbine Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Major Projects

In this annular year, the gas turbine lab gained findings, including the ZZH exploration project, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) major deployment project in science, the CAS instrument development project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the key deployment project of CAS, the transverse commissioned projects of enterprises, a new program from 921 project and one new NSFC project, totally 14.32739 millions.

Major Achievements of 2015

In the aspect of fundamental and key technology research, the complex flow mechanisms in the ultra-high-lift low pressure turbine, aggressive inter-turbine duct and lobed mixer exhaust system were conducted. In addition to that, the novel mixed flow-centrifugal compressor got the CAS achievement appraisal, the 80kg small turbojet engine completed the model testing. Furthermore, the 750kg thrust turbofan engine passed the acceptance and the 1000kg thrust turbofan engine reached 100% design speed.

Complete the final type development for microgravity combustion experiment on board of SJ-10 recoverable satellite and successfully carry out the satellite test. Study on micro energy power system, and get an excellent in the interim evaluation of 973 Project.

Organization and Personnel

The Laboratory currently has 65 employees, including 9 research officers (2 of Hundred Talent Plan, 1 of The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, 1 of outstanding technologist, 1 of Military field outstanding technical personnel), 20 associate researchers /senior engineers; 34 graduates including 11 doctoral student and 23 master student; 9 post doctor. 12 are specifically employed for the present project, including 6 researchers.

Technology Transfer

On March 8th 2014, Qingdao Institute of Light-duty Gas-turbine held the opening ceremony, starting the construction of the comprehensive building by the sea which had been conducted in July. Adjustment of internal structure is in progress at present. As to the part of industrialization, construction has been launched. All of the construction has been estimated to complete by the end of 2016.

Financial budget of 2015 has been fully funded.Including, 120 million Equipment procurement by Huangdao District, 20 million of Special funds for scientific and technological development by Qingdao science and technology bureau, 10 million of the running fund by Huangdao bureau of industry and informatization.

In March 2014, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd, establishing a company named Zhongkedaizong Aviation Science and Technology Limited Liability Company. The company is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of aero-engines. 60kg thrust small turbojet engine and 80kg thrust small turbojet engine are the main products of the company. The two engines can be widely used in drones of high speed and high altitude, short range cruise missiles, high altitude UAV integrating observation and attack capabilities, and tactical UAV of high altitude and high speed.

In 2015, 60kg thrust small turbojet engine completed all flight tests successfully while 80kg thrust small turbojet engine performed excellently on the first flight. During the past year, the company produced about 80 sets of engines and sold 7 sets. The company initially obtained profitability.

The laboratory promotes the development and industrialization of micro gas turbine by relying on CAS-Hefei Micro Gas Turbine Research Institute Co., Ltd. In this annular year, CAS signed 6 transverse commissioned contracts with the company, totally 17.659 millions.

73.016 millions intangible assets based on micro gas turbine technology related patents has been approved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has been transferred the capital of the department of micro gas turbine Institute limited liability company.

Patents and Paper

Altogether 34 papers and conference papers were published in 2015 including 12 indexed by SCI, 10 by EI. 3 invention patents were applied for and 12 of them were authorized.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The Gas Turbine Lab and the Russian Klimov company launched a collaboration project on the key technology research of civil small turbofan engine. Ten technical experts visited the Russian Klimov company to conduct a two-week technical exchange, focusing on the analysis of civil small turbofan engine design methodology and technical characteristics. In accordance with the requirements of quality system of Russia Klimov Company, the research of civil small turbofan engine design review and evaluation was completed, which promoted the domestic gas turbine engine design and improved the level of technology, and provided a technical support with the international advanced level and market competition capacity for self - developed civil small turbofan engine. Besides, Dr. Ali Mahallati, director of Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics Engineering of Concepts NREC, was invited to visit the institute, and an lecture regarding the aerodynamic design of lobed mixer exhaust system in small turbofan engine was given during the academic exchange.

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Aero-engine experiments under low temperature

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