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Research Fields

Facing the national major demand in the field of energy and environment, the laboratory has been engaging in basic research, technology and engineering development in the fields of efficient, clean and low-carbon coal combustion, coal gasification and staged utilization, deep and flexible peak regulation of coal-fired boilers, low-carbon industrial process, solid waste disposal and comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction, etc.

Team Building

There are 43 research staff including 10 professors, 14 associate professors/ senior engineers; as well as 2 post-doctor fellows and 44 graduate students.

Projects and Major Achievements

In terms of peak regulation of coal-fired power generation, stable operation of 20% to 100% thermal load has been achieved with variable load rate of 3.75%/ min on MW-scaled pilot experimental facility. Stable and efficient operation of 10% ultra-low load without assisted-combustion has been realized in 60 t/h pulverized coal preheating boiler. Deep and flexible peak regulation technology are being applied to two intermediate projects of 170 t/h pulverized coal boiler, 110 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler, and two demonstration projects of 300 MW pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed power plants.

In terms of clean and efficient coal combustion, 90 t/h pulverized coal preheating combustion boiler has been put into operation, and 60 t/h pulverized coal preheating combustion boiler achieves 10% to 100% ultra-wide load stable operation and original ultra-low NOx emission. 450 t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler with high-temperature post-combustion obtains both ultrahigh efficiency (boiler thermal efficient 94.48%) and original ultra-low NOx emission.

In terms of coal gasification and pyrolysis, the technology of coal gasification to syngas has been identified by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and appraised as "reaching the international leading level in highalkaline coal gasification". A new idea of CO2 reduction based on the solid carbon activation and non-catalytic thermal reduction was proposed, and has been verified in the pilot test with the CO2 utilization rate of 11.4%. The technology of biomass staged gasification to syngas has been developed, and the engineering demonstration is being promoted.

 In terms of solid waste disposal and utilization, efficient incineration and original ultra-low NOx emission of gasification slag from entrained-flow gasifier has been completed on pilot test, and the engineering demonstration of carbon combustion and resource utilization technology for 300,000 tons/year gasification slag is being carried out.

"2000 t/a fluidization-melting combustion technology of gasification fine ash" was identified as "reaching the international leading level", which realizes the mineral phase reconstruction of gasification fine ash to produce aluminumsilicon based products. The technology opens up a new way of high-value utilization of solid waste in coal chemical industry.

In terms of new technology and industrial low-carbon research, the research on near-zero emission of coal purification-combustion has been carried out to reveal the conversion and regulation mechanism of N, S and inorganic components in the coal purification process. The original NOx emission was as low as 11 mg/m3 on the 30 kW experimental bench.

The fluidized sintering technology of low-carbon cement clinker has been developed, and the technical route of 2CaO?SiO2 pre-calcination combined with cement clinker sintering in rotary kiln was proposed. Stable operation control of 2CaO?SiO2 pre-calcination under fluidization condition was achieved, and the generation rate of 2CaO?SiO2 reached 48%.

The reduction roasting technology for metallurgical kiln has been developed and is being applied to the 250 000 tons/year ferronickel reduction roasting engineering demonstration.

 In terms of measurement and diagnosis of multiphase flow process and process analysis of thermal reaction, a new multi-data fusion approach based on nonintrusive measurement technique combining pressure, acoustic emission transmitters and an electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) was proposed and used to investigate the complex gas-solids flow in a spout-fluid bed with bafflers. Meanwhile, numerical simulation based on Eulerian-Lagrangian model (CFD-DEM) combined with three-phases mathematical modeling was proposed to investigate the wet granule flow in a fluidized bed dryer. The flow regimes transits and flow hydrodynamic characteristics were revealed based on the proposed measurement approach and CFD-DEM coupling simulation. Considering various matter changes during thermal reaction process, new thermal dynamic vector equation based on the executive progress was theoretically restructured and applied to analyze all thermal parameters by the random measure method. A novel sampling interface of mass spectrometer for dust environment was developed by multi-step pneumatic separation, which will widen the application of mass spectrometer.

Technology Transfer

 In 2022, four technical contracts were signed, with the contract amount of 3.3 million CNY; It has reached a strategic cooperation with Gemeng International Energy Co.,Ltd. on flexible peaking technology of coal-fired power generation. In 2022, four technical contracts were signed, with the contract amount of 3.3 million CNY; It has reached a strategic cooperation with Gemeng International Energy Co.,Ltd. on flexible peaking technology of coal-fired power generation.

Patent and Paper

In 2022, 38 academic papers in journals and conferences were published, 35 of which were indexed by SCI. 47 invention patents (including 21 core important patents) were applied for, and 20 authorized invention patents (including 3 international invention patents).


In 2022, two international exchange and cooperation projects were approved.

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