Introduction of Professors in the Laboratory

Jul 17, 2019 / Author by Text SizeDBS


Research Interest 


LYU Qinggang

R&D of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and foundation, including high efficient clean combustion, pyrolysis and/or gasification conversion, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction of coal, derived fuels from coal, and biomass, etc.

NA Yongjie

Emission control for coal combustion on circulating fluidized beds

Li Shiyuan

Coal clean combustion and pollution control, oxy-fuel CFB combustion, biomass thermal and catalytic conversion, waste thermochemical conversion

BAO Shaolin

Cleanning coal combustion, biomass combustion

WANG Haigang

Multiphase flows measurement and CFD simulation

ZHU Zhiping

Coal pyrolysis and gasification

SONG Guoliang

Clean and high efficiency combustion technology of circulating fluidized bed

REN Qiangqiang

Coal and waste melting gasification technology, low NOx combustion and clinker firing technology in cement kiln


NOx emission reduction related to coal combustion in cement industry, multiphase flow and heat transfer enhancement, liquid cavitation and its application

ZHU Jianguo

Preheating combustion technology

YE Jiamin

Industrial process tomography

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