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Research Fields

R&D of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and foundational technology of engineering thermophysics, including high efficient clean combustion, pyrolysis and/or gasification conversion, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction of coal, derived fuels from coal, and biomass, etc., multi-phase flow and its diagnosis, combustion chemistry and catalytic combustion, quantitative analysis and application of reaction process.

Team Building

There are 48 research staffs, including 11 professors (one "Hundred Talents Program" and one "Thousand Youth Talents Program"), 11 associate professors/senior engineers, 43 graduate students and 3 post-doctor fellows (one foreign post-doctor fellow).

Projects and Major Achievements

Supercritical CFB technology of coal combustion: the annular and polygon furnace types for large-scale CFB boiler were developed, which can keep the uniformity and stable operation in the process of scaling-up. The demonstration project of 350MW CFB boiler which is the first unit with polygon furnace has passed 168-hour continuous operation at full load.

High efficient and low emission combustion technology: the key technology of ultra-low NOx emission with lean oxygen combustion in furnace and post combustion after the cyclones was successfully applied in the reconstruction of 300MW CFB boiler in Inner Mongolia, and the results show that the NOx emission concentration without SCR or SNCR decreases by more than 50%. 100 t/d preheating combustion CFB boiler burning residue carbon was successfully put into use in Hechi, Guangxi Province, and has been operated stably at low load. And the National Key Research and Development Program Clean Combustion Technology of Carbon-based Fuel with Ultra Low Volatility was obtained.

CFB coal gasification technology: the pilot-scale research work on CFB pure oxygen / rich oxygen gasification and the technology Package with the capacity of kiloton level were finished. The project of Industrialization of Coal Gasification Technology of Circulating Fluidized Bed was obtained and the first related demonstration project was constructed and commissioned. The first demonstration project of pressurized CFB gasification in China was constructed and is in the stage of commission.

Experimental measurement of multiphase flow: microwave dynamic imaging measurement of gas-solid flow was realized for the first time. And the onsite test of flow morphological imaging of wet natural gas pipeline entrusted by China National Petroleum Co. Ltd. was finished; Multiple-sized gas-solid EMMS calculation of CFB with complex furnace was finished, which can provide guide for the R&D of supercritical CFB technology.

Combustion chemistry: the rules of low temperature oxidation kinetics of aviation model fuel were obtained and the plasma VOC removal technology at room temperature was successfully realized.

Technology Transfer

More than 10 collaboration projects of new CFB gasification or improved CFB technology development were signed with Enterprises. The technical development fee of 19.96 million Yuan in RMB was awarded.

Datong Institute of Coal Clean Efficient Utilization cooperatively established with Datong Government in Shanxi Provence was settled, which aims to carry out the R&D of coal clean efficient utilization and industrialization of scientific results in order to form a world-leading R&D center and industrial base for coal clean efficient utilization.

Patents and Paper

In 2017, 41 technical papers were published, among which 34 was indexed by SCI, and 39 by EI. 18 patents were applied and 8 invention patents were authorized, including two foreign patents.

In Journal of Applied Energy (IF =7.182), reduction of recycled NO over char in oxy-fuel fluidized bed combustion: effects of operating parameters and the characteristics of recycled NO reduction over char during oxy-fuel fluidized bed combustion were published;

In Journal of Bioresource Technology (IF = 5.651), Online study on the copyrolysis of coal and corn with vacuum ultraviolet photoionization mass spectrometry was published;

In Journal of Combustion and Flame (IF= 3.663), combustion characteristics of well-dispersed boron submicro-particles and plasma effect was published.


The program of "130t/h-260t/h CFB Boiler of Low-Nitrogen Combustion With Low Energy Consumption and High Reliability" was awarded the third-class prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology.

One student was awarded 2017 IEEE IST Best Student Paper.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

There is long-term communication and cooperation relationship between the laboratory and the research institutes and universities abroad. The research fellows attended the top-level conferences at home and abroad, including 2017 AIChE Meeting in USA, the 12th CFB International Conference in Poland, International VGB Fluidized Bed Boiler Operators Workshop in Poland in which Prof. Song Guoliang gave an invited speech, CCT 2017 in Italy, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium in which Prof. Wang Haigang gave an invited speech, etc.

Several foreign famous scholars from Canment ENERGY Ottawa, Natural Resources Canada, Technical University of Denmark and Manchester University, etc. were invited to visit the laboratory and give lectures. There is one doctor jointly trained with Manchester University in UK, and one post-doctor fellow from Morocco.


Dean: Lyu Qinggang    Tel: 86-10-82543053    E-mail:

Deputy Dean: Na Yongjie        Tel: 86-10-82543058

    Li Shiyuan        Tel: 86-10-82543055


Demonstration project of 350MW CFB boiler with polygon furnace in Zaozhuang,

Shandong Province

5000 Nm3/h clean industrial gas from coal in Lianyuan, Jiangsu Province

100 t/d preheating combustion CFB boiler burning residue carbon in Hechi, Guangxi Province

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