Introduction of Professors in the Laboratory

Jul 17, 2019 / Author by Text SizeDBS


Research Interest


JIN Hongguang

In the field of integration technology of energy system, environmentally friendly energy system, distributed energy system, polygeneration system, energy conversion processes, and complementary of multi energy resources.

HAO Yong

Solar energy conversion, solar fuels, transitional energy technologies, distributed energy system, fuel cells.


Distributed energy system, absorption technologies, complementary utilization of solar energy and fossil fuel and trough solar thermal power generation.


Hybridization of photovoltaic with solar thermochemical reaction for full-spectrum solar energy utilization, solar driven chemical-looping cycle for hydrogen/syngas production, complementary utilization of solar energy and fossil fuel to power generation.


Coal-based polygeneration systems for production of chemical products and power, CO2 capture method in energy power system.


Integration and optimization of distributed energy systems with complementary utilization of renewable energies and fossil fuels, control methods and operation strategies of CCHP systems, low-temperature waste heat recovery and utilization, integration of new and advanced solar thermal power system.

 LIU Qibi

Solar power generation, solar fuels, distributed energy system, multi-energies energy system.

 YANG Jinf

Power device for micro-small distributed energy system, rotor dynamics of high-speed micro power plant.


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