Distributed Generation with Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Research Fields

Distributed energy system; Solar thermal utilization; Poly-generation system and greenhouse gas emission control technology.

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

Established R&D platform of National Energy Administration’s “Research and development center of distributed energy technology”, and parabolic trough experimental platform with initiative control at off-design DNI.

Major Projects

We've successfully taken the research program aimed at part III Principle of the cascade utilization of the Full Solar Spectrum of the NSFC-funded major project "Fundamental Researches of Energy Transfer and Conversion in Solar Energy Utilization", for the first time in our institute.

Major Achievements of 2015

Explored the work availability essence of concentrated solar energy and fuel; Established equations of energy level match of hybridization between concentrated solar energy and fuel; proposed methods of “energy saving from the source” and “energy storage in the source”; developed fuel conversion principle prototype with mid and low-temperature concentrated solar heat; developed distributed power generation system based on solar thermochemical processes; proposed and established theoretical framework of high-temperature thermochemical membrane reactor in the literature for the first time; build the first high concentration ratio solar simulator in China.

Organization and Personnel

Two professors and two associate professors were added to the lab’s research team in 2015; the number of full-time employees has increased to 16. Research team includes 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 assistant professors. The lab also has 32 graduate students, including 19 Ph.D. candidates and 13 M.S. candidates.

Professor Jin Hongguang is the associate editor of Applied Energy, editorial board member of Energy-The Int. J, Energy Conversion and Management, Int. J. Green Energy, Chinese Science Bulletin, and the associate editor-in-chief of Journal of Engineering Thermophysics. Professor Hao Yong served as guest editor for Energy. Associate Professor Zhang Na served as an editorial board member and guest editor for Energy-The Int. J, and executive editor of Journal of Engineering Thermophysics.

Technology Transfer

As an important participant, completed the design of a 10MW solar-coal hybrid system, and expect to establish the first demonstration 10MW solar-coal hybrid power plant in China in the year of 2016; developed a principle prototype of 100kWe-level solar thermochemical hybrid power generation system.

Patents and Paper

In year 2015, the lab published 54academic papers, including 26 papers indexed by Science Citation Index (SCI), 18 papers indexed by Engineering Index (EI), 10 international conference papers; granted/applied for 42 patents, including 2 international granted patentfor invention, 14 granted patentfor invention, 26 patents for utility models.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

As international academic committee members, we participated in organizing several international conferences, such as Int. Conf. on Applied Energy, Applied Energy Symposium and Summit 2015, ECOS 2015, Solar PACES Workshop on Solar Fuels. 3 group members have been visiting scholars of University of Arizona and University of Pennsylvania. We invited Dr. Yuan Tian from University of Hertfordshire for academic visit and communication. We have successfully taken 3 programs funding of "international outstanding scholars" and "international visiting scholar" of Chinese academy of sciences.

Dean: Jin Hongguang          Tel: 86-10-82543032    E-mail: hgjin@ iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Hao Yong     Tel: 86-10-82543150    E-mail: haoyong@iet.cn

                         Sui Jun          Tel: 86-10-82543030    E-mail: suijun@ iet.cn

Solar wide-angle tracking and focusing experimental bench

Solar chemicalfuel conversion system

100 kWe solar chemicalfuel-power experimental platform

Experimentalrig of cogeneration power and cooling with heat surplus

Experimental instruments of fuel conversion and decarbonization

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