Advanced Gas Turbine Laboratory

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Research Fields

We focus on the development and application of medium power class lightweight gas turbine products for ships and industry, and carry out basic research, key technology research and development, system integration innovation, product development and application demonstration of gas turbine.

Team Building

The laboratory has 31 faculty members, including 4 professors, 10 associate professors. The number of master and Ph.D students is 22.

Projects and Major Achievements

In terms of gas turbine product development, in the field of distributed power generation, we cooperated with Henan Liyuan Group to build the TG30 gas turbine-steam turbine combined cycle demonstration power station, which has passed the 72-hour continuous operation review and has accumulated more than 600 hours of operation by the end of 2022. In the field of pipeline compression, we have completed the "two installations and two tests" and the appraisal test run of the nationally produced gas turbine, passed the factory appraisal organized by the China Aviation Society, and completed the 72-hour industrial test run at the Kongquehe compressor station of the West-East Gas Pipeline in the national pipeline network.
In terms of basic research, the "Ship Turbine Compressor" project, we completed the Meridian Expansion Channel Outlet Stage Compressor Test and the Inlet Stage 1.5 Transonic Compressor Scale Test, and completed the processing and assembly of the 8-stage scale compressor test piece. For the project of "Long Life Turbine Blade Gas-Thermal Coupling", we completed the high temperature and high pressure modeling test and high Biwald number experimental research of the first stage stationary blade of a gas turbine with an initial temperature of 1600°C, and developed the composite cooling unit design software. For the "Life Assessment of Coated Turbine Blades" project, we completed the processing and accelerated test of the simulated parts with coated structural characteristics, and formed the first version of the life management system of the re-ignition turbine blades. For the "Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Inlet And Exhaust System" project, we realized the coupling optimization design of compressor inlet stage and uneven inlet conditions, developed the integrated design method of final stage compressor and outlet diffuser, and completed the improved design of final stage turbo-exhaust system. The compressor commissioning test piece project of the large scientific device has passed the engineering design review, passed the parts processing acceptance and entered the assembly.

Technology Transfer

In 2021, we have won 12 projects, including undertaking 2 major national In 2022, 15 new projects of various types were approved, including 1 participation of Gas Turbine project, 1 pilot project, 2 international cooperation projects of CAS and 11 other projects, with a total amount of 76.14 million CNY.
Qingdao CAS Guosheng Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2017 with a total investment of 1 billion CNY. The main shareholders are the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengfa Investment Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Military Civil Integration Development Group Co., Ltd., etc. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, complete machine assembly, test run, sales of complete machine and spare parts, and operation and maintenance technical services of 40 MW light gas turbines for both military and civilian use, such as ship-driven, natural gas distributed energy power generation, large compressors (pumps), offshore oil and gas platforms, and is a typical high-end equipment enterprise of civil-military integration. The company completed the A-round financing in 2022 and obtained social capital investment of 65 million CNY.

Patents and PaperAwards

In 2022, a total of 39 academic papers were published, including 9 SCI papers and 15 EI papers; 31 patent applications and 19 authorized invention patents, including 3 international patents and 3 authorized utility models; 3 software copyright applications .
Title: Aerodynamic Performance Improvement of a Highly Loaded Compressor Airfoil with Coanda Jet Flap. Authors: Zhang Jian, Du Juan, Zhang Min, Chen Ze, Zhang Hongwu, Nie Chaoqun. Journal of Thermal Science, Impact Factor: 2.013
Title: Effect of Coolant Crossflow on Film Cooling Effectiveness of Diffusion Slot Hole With and Without Ribs. Authors: Li Chen, An Baitao, Liu Jianjun. ASME Journal of Turbomachinery, Impact Factor: 1.792
International Cooperation and Exchanges
Cooperation project 1: Key foreign cooperation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Research on Advanced Thermal Barrier Coating Technology for Gas Turbine Blades”, we completed the basic performance characterization of NiCoCrAlY+AlCr/8YSZ multilayer structure thermal barrier coating samples, completed 27 pieces of rotor blade and 12 pieces of guide vane cast in preparation for coating application on the blade.
Cooperationproject 2: Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Exchange Program Project “Life Prediction of Coated Blade Materials”, we selected the directionally solidified alloy DZ411, which is a common material for turbine blades, as the research object, completed the test piece and put it into production, and determined the coating spraying process.
 Cooperation project 3: Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Exchange Program Project “Gas Turbine Blade Cooling and Flow Control Technology Research”, we conducted online discussions on the design and performance analysis of film cooling with groove structure in the aspect of gas turbine cooling design. The influence analysis of film cooling efficiency, flow resistance and mainstream flow field is completed when the air film with groove structure is arranged on the pressure surface and suction surface of the gas turbine blade.
Dean: ZHANG Hongwu 86-10-82543075
Deputy Dean: WANG Sichen 86-10-82545951
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