Advanced Gas Turbine Laboratory

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Research Fields

Guided by the development and application of medium power class light-weight gas turbine products for ships and industry, we have carried out basic research, key technology research and development, system integration innovation, product development and application demonstration of gas turbine.

Team Building

The laboratory has 49 faculty members, including 8 professors, 14 associate professors, 3 post-docotors. The number of master and Ph.D students is 19.

Projects and Major Achievements

Supported by the key technology research and model development projects of gas turbine completed by the institute, the development of advanced medium-sized gas turbine design tools with independent intellectual property rights was accomplished. The design system, the key technology test and verification of core components such as 30MW gas turbine compressor, combustion chamber and high-pressure turbine blade, as well as the engineering design and components of gas generator trial production were completed. The domestic parts production and system development supply chain system were established. The control system software and hardware design and product development were also completed. Joint debugging of software and hardware was being carried out. The first gas generator engineering verification machine assembly tooling, process and key equipment development as well as the whole machine assembly and bench test were completed.

Supported by the major instrument development projects of NSFC, the main scientific and technological achievements were as follows: in the direction of compressor research, the development of axial flow compressor flow instability monitor was completed. The multi-stage axial flow compressor stability jet active control was realized. The fast wavelet stall early warning method was verified in the multi-stage environment, and the transmission of radial distortion in the multi-stage axial flow compressor was carried out. The application of the micro structure of shark skin in the separation flow control of the plane cascade was realized preliminarily. The optimization design platform of the free surface casing was built, and the expansion mechanism of the axial slot casing treatment was revealed. In the research direction of combustion chamber, the numerical modeling of real heavy-duty gas turbine combustion chamber was carried out. A method of calculating flame transfer function was developed, and the nature of its thermoacoustic oscillation was calculated. A new method combining flame transfer function and principal component analysis technology was proposed, according to which the thermoacoustic problems caused by the geometric structure design of combustion chamber could be analyzed. We modified the geometric design, developed an axial swirl blade specially designed for 3D printing, designed the mixing zone structure of the low pollution combustion chamber with the blade, and verified it through the test design and large eddy simulation method. We also completed the three head test of the combustion chamber and passed the field test and acceptance review by experts. In the field of turbine research, the high-precision prediction correlation and database of the flow coefficient of the cylindrical hole and the film cooling effect of the turbine blade were established through the test. The pressure sensitive paint measurement technology and the temperature difference correction method under the condition of high Mach number were proposed through the film cooling verification test of the turbine blade at high Mach number. The rib channel junction was obtained based on the film cooling test of the flat plate with rib channel. Through the experimental study on the effect of the shape and arrangement with the film holes on top and end walls of the moving blades, a new arrangement method of the film holes was proposed to improve the cooling effect, and a new diffuser structure and blade modeling method were proposed to effectively improve the flow separation in the exhaust system.

Technology Transfer

Qingdao Zhongke Guosheng Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2017 with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Its main shareholders are the institute,gas turbine R & D team, and Chengfa Investment Group Co., Ltd. The company mainly carries out the research and development, complete machine assembly, test run, complete machine and spare parts sales and operation and maintenance technical services of 40MW light gas turbines for military and civil use, such as ship drive, natural gas distributed energy power generation, large-scale compressor (pump), offshore oil and gas platform. It is a typical high-end military civilian integration equipment enterprise.

In 2019, the company completed the trial production of complete parts of the first basic 30MW gas generator engineering verification machine, and independently developed and manufactured key gas turbine assembly equipment such as air flotation turntable and high-speed blade tip grinder, which were used for the first gas turbine assembly. Using the special tooling equipment designed and manufactured independently, the company completed the compressor rotor, stator, combustion chamber nozzle, and vortexkey components such as wheel and rotor which were assembled independently with the whole machine. The company has obtained the first phase of construction land and started the construction of gas turbine assembly plant conditions; participated in undertaking one key fund project in a certain field; undertaken the domestic research and development project of gas turbine inlet filter screen in a naval plant; signed the supply contract after the design products have passed the review; successfully passed the first supervision and audit of national standard and national military standard quality management system.

Patents and Paper

In 2019, 26 academicpapers were published, among which 9 were indexed by SCIand 4indexedby EI. 36 patents were applied and 6 domestic inventionpatents were authorized.

Title: Review of tip air injection to improve stall margin in axial compressors   IF: 6.814.

Title: The investigations of slot film outflow used on the laminated cooling configuration   IF: 4.346.

Title: Performance Enhancement of Industrial High Loaded Gas Compressor Using Coanda Jet Flap   IF: 5.537.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

1. Cooperation project: CAS special exchange program of “Research on new generation engine aerodynamic flame stabilizer”

In May 2019, 3 engineers visited Russia’s Kazan National University of Technology to carry out the research progress and technical application of engine aerodynamic flame stabilizer. The two sides discussed the direction and areas of cooperation in the future. Through this visit and exchange, the researchers of the research institute had a clearer understanding of the latest research progress and technical application of the engine pneumatic flame stabilizer. The exchange broadened the international vision of the researchers, enhanced the external influence of the institute, and further promoted the international cooperation and exchange of the institute.

In May and November 2019, Russian Kazan National University of Technology sent delegations to visit the research institute to carry out research and discussion on aero-engine aerodynamic flame stabilizer and thrust reverser. Through visits and exchanges, the two sides have further deepened their understanding in the field of aero-engine / gas turbine. The exchanges substantially promoted the development of special exchange program projects, and laid a good foundation for follow-up scientific research and technical cooperation.

2. Academic exchange

In January 2019, one reasearcher visited Germany and went to University of Hanover to carry out experimental research on high load compressor.

In May 2019, two researchers went to the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences to study the advanced thermal barrier coating of turbine blades. It has laid a solid foundation for the application of special exchange program in 2020.

In June 2019, one reasearcher visited St. Petersburg University of Technology, Russia. Sheunderstood Russia’s investment trend in high-tech direction, and the visit strengthened international cooperation with relevant institutions.

In November 2019, two researchers went to Ukraine Strength Research Institute to carry out technical exchange on structural strength of gas turbine. The two sides first introduced each other’s basic situation and current research directions of their respective institutes, and expressed their strong desire to promote cooperation in various ways.

In April, October and December 2019, one reasearcher visited Switzerland three times to carry out international cooperation visits and exchanges on heavy gas turbine.

In 2019, researchers from France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Belgium and other countries came to the institute for exchange visits, which greatly promoted the research progress in related fields.

3. International conference

In 2019, researchers went to attend the GPPS Conference, the European gas turbine conference, the HSTED-2019 International Academic Conference, the ASME 2019 turbo Expo International Conference, the Asian Fluid Machinery International Conference (AFMC) and IGTC2019.

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