Advanced Gas Turbine Laboratory

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Research Fields

Fundamental research of gas turbine; Research and development of key technologies; Engine system integration; Related product development.

1. Design and optimization of Gas turbine overall performance and engine structure.

2. Design of multi-stage axial compressor with high pressure ratio and high efficiency; Research of the complex internal flow, flow instability and flow control method; Development of the experimental measurement technique.

3. Low-emission fuel-fexible gas turbine combustor design; Research on suppress thermos-acoustic issue in combustor; Cooling scheme design and study for gas turbine combustor; Investigation on experimental techniques in combustor.

4. Turbine aerodynamic and blade cooling design.

5. Research on Structural strength and reliability technologies for gas turbines and aero-engines.

6. Gas turbine control system development.

Team Building

The laboratory has 31 faculty members, including 6 professors, 9 associate professors, 1 post-doctor. The number of master and Ph.D students is 13.

Projects and Major Achievements

1. Compressor direction: Deeply research on the mechanism of compressor instability, stall early warning, stability broadening and active control of jet around real and complex inflow conditions, completed the tasks of the research and development of instrumentation in the institute, the development of major instrumentation in the Fund Committee and the key funds, and carried out end-wall suction, jet and blade surface Kangda jet Research for the strong separation characteristics of high-load compressors, and successfully completed the research. The project tasks of XX Committee of Science and Technology, the development of plasma pressure probe for high frequency response measurement under high temperature, high pressure and high speed environment, and the major instrument development projects of the Fund Committee and the instrument development projects of the Institute were completed according to the requirements.

2. Combustion direction: Complete the compilation and validation of mixing degree, characteristic orthogonal decomposition, dynamic mode decomposition, flame transfer function and so on. Based on this, complete the design and calculation of single-layer axial cyclone and double-layer cyclone.

3. Turbo-square direction: to develop new efficient cooling structure, explore the mechanism of heat transfer of turbine flow, develop advanced pneumatic/ cooling design method and establish the pneumatic/cooling design system of turbine, which provides certain basic theory and technical support for the pneumatic/cooling design of turbine blades of heavy-duty gas turbines, and also ensures the key funds undertaken by laboratories, the purchase projects of academies, and so on. The related research tasks entrusted by 606 institution and Reburning company were successfully completed.

Technology Transfer

The intangible assets of 40 MW gas turbine and 35 MW gas turbine projects were assessed, with an estimated value of CNY 40.55 million and CNY 1,496.42 million, respectively, and a total of CNY 274.8321 million for motivating teams.

In 2018, there were 29 research projects and 10 new projects, including 2 sub-projects of key R&D plan, 1 project of National Natural Science Youth Fund, 1 project of instrument development of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 project of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, 1 project of "Bo Pay Plan" and 3 projects entrusted by horizontal enterprises. Four projects (including 2 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 1 project of GF Foundation and 1 project of Beijing Science and Technology Commission) were check and accepted.

Patents and Paper

Five Chinese invention patents and One utility model patent has been authorized. Published 11 research papers, and 10 are indexed by SCI, and 1 are indexed by EI. Title: Guidelines for Optimal Selection of Subcritical Low- Temperature Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Configuration Considering Reinjection Temperature Limits. Author: ZHANG Chao, FU Jinglun, YUAN Tengfei. IF: 2.676. Title: Stability Enhancement with Self-Recirculating Injection in Axial Flow Compressor. Author: LI Jichao. DU Juan, LI Zhiyuan. IF: 2.453.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In 2018, the laboratory continued to make its own voice in the international academic field in the aeroengine and gas turbine related research, mainly in basic research. Firstly, we actively participated in international academic conferences. This year, 16 labs visited Germany, Ukraine, Norway, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and other countries to conduct academic exchanges and technical cooperation negotiations. Secondly, we actively invited internationally renowned scholars from the industry to carry out exchanges and cooperation. We invited Duke University of the United States, Bremen University of Germany and Von Carmen Research in Belgium. Eight well-known experts from Doosan Company, Korea, Institute of Turbine Machinery, University of Leibniz Hanover, Germany and Sola Company of the United States came to the laboratory to conduct in-depth cooperation and exchanges.

Dean: ZHANG Hongwu,Tel: 86-10-82543075,E-mail:

Head Engineer: XIAO Bo,Tel: 86-10-82543165,E-mail:

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