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Laboratory of Circulating Fluidized Bed
1- 40tpd气化灰渣和细粉灰CFB燃烧-高温蒸汽发生系统工业试验装置.jpg
  Research Fields
  R&D of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and foundational technology of engineering thermophysics, including high efficient clean combustion, pyrolysis and/or gasification conversion, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction, multi-phase flow and its diagnosis, combu...
Distributed Generation with Renewable Energy Laboratory
  Research Fields
  Distributed energy system; Solar thermal utilization; Poly-generation system and greenhouse gas emission control technology.
  Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment
  Established R&D platform of National Energy Administration’s “Research and development center of distributed en...
Energy Storage R&D Center
The turbine of 10MW CAES system.jpg
  Research Fields
  Large-scale energy storage technology research and development, particularly novel air energy storage technology, cold storage and heat storage materials and systems, and novel pumped hydroelectric storage system.
  Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment
  1. 10MW advanced compres...
Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center
  Research Fields
  1. Aiming at the heat transfer problems in such fields as aircraft engine/heavy gas turbine, nuclear energy and utilization of waste heat with low temperature, the Center is mainly engaged in these investigations on high efficient cooling and advanced measurement technology, new process inte...
Research Center for Energy and Power
先进动态熵探针的自主研发Independent research and development of advanced dynamic entropy probe.JPG
  Research Fields
  Research Fields: Fundamental research, R&D of advanced energy and power transformation technology and system.
  Research Directions:
  1. Dense Transport Bed Gasification
  2. Heavy Gas Turbine
  3. Advanced Power Cycle and Energy & Power System
  4. Energy Saving and Environment P...
National Energy Wind Turbine Blade R&D Center
分段叶片测试Blade test.jpg
  Research Fields
  In the research field of wind energy utilization, investigation was carried out centered around five key aspects:
  n 100 m-blades design and green manufacturing technology
  n Effectiveness evaluation system and Performance improvements technology for wind turbine blades in service
Laboratory of Light-duty Gas-turbine
  Research Fields
  Research Areas: With the orientation of advanced light-duty gas turbine technology research and development (R&D) and the system integration, the fundamental research of small turbofan engine and vehicle gas turbine, the key technology R&D, system integrated innovation and new product develo...
International Cooperation and Exchanges in 2014
  The institute reached a new level in international cooperation in 2014. The institute signed 4 international scientific and technological cooperation special projects, and approved funds of around CNY 12 million, the institute carried out cooperation and communication with Russia, the UK, Poland and Sweden, etc...
Achievement Transfer (07/22/2015)
Shareholding Companies (07/22/2015)
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