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The 1st World Energy Storage Conference(May 18-19, 2019)
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  Dear Colleague,
  It is our great pleasure to make an open invitation for The 1st World Energy Storage Conference (WESC-2019). WESC-2019 will be held in China National Convention Center, Beijing, China, May 18-19, 2019 and organized by International Energy Storage Allia...
French Embassy Sylvain PASQUIER and his team visited the Institute of En...
  In order to strengthen Sino-French scientific and technological cooperation in the field of energy, on the morning of April 8, Sylvain PASQUIER, a scientific and technological department of the French Embassy in China, and five people came to the Institute of Engineering ...
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Experimental Analyses on Feasibility of Chemical-Looping CoO/CoAl2O4 wit...
  Solar thermal fuel production from solar heat is considered an innovative technology for the utilization of solar energy. The process of solar-heat-driven hydrocarbon fuel reformation is a promising approach for solar thermal fuel production. Here, perspectives on the use...
Speciation transformation of arsenic during municipal sewage sludge inci...
  The fly ash from municipal sewage sludge (MSS) incineration contains abundant phosphorus and can be used as phosphate fertilizer. However, fly ash also contains arsenic that is extremely poisonous to the environment. The toxicity of arsenic significantly depends on its sp...
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