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National Energy Wind Turbine Blade R&D Center
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Research Fields

In the research field of wind energy utilization, investigation has been carried out centered around five key aspects:

100 m-blade design and green manufacturing technology

Effectiveness evaluation system and Performance improvements technology for wind turbine blades in service

High efficiency, low cost and long life of the overall technical solutions to wind power heating and heat storage system

Integrated utilization design of wind and marine energy with independent intellectual property rights

In the research field of aero engine, investigation has been carried out centered around five key aspects:

General design technology of engine

Research on the new type compressor

Research on the counter-rotating turbine

Research on the short annular combustor

Research on the micro power system

Team Building

In the aspect of research team construction, the Center recruited 4 new staff in this year. Currently there are 31 faculty members, 6 of which have obtained senior professional title and 26 of which hold PhD degrees.

In the aspect of graduate education, 2 doctoral students and 4 postgraduates graduated in this year. Currently there are 24 graduate students including 15 doctoral students and 9 postgraduates. Besides, there are 7 joint training postgraduates.

Projects and Major Achievements

In 2017, the Center undertook 35 projects and received 14 new research grants, which included 8 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Zone, 1 Joint Fund of Equipment Pre-research, 1 Open Subject from the state key lab of aerodynamics and 1 co-operative businesses projects. The research funding amounts to more than CNY 1500 million this year. In the research field of wind energy: (1) The Center has performed the overall design optimization of dedicated outboard airfoils for horizontal axis wind turbine blades and developed advanced airfoils with the consideration of rotor blade requirements operating in various wind farms. (2) For the design of large flexible wind turbine blades, and the requirements of low load, light weight and high efficiency, the Center has adopted high tip speed ratio to achieve the low solidity design, chosen airfoils with wide working range to make sure the blades high-efficiency operation under variable working conditions, and integrated the aerodynamic and structural characteristics by means of thick blunt trailing edge. The evaluation of structural characteristics in the aerodynamic profile design was introduced to simulate the structural characteristics of the blade under static load. (3) An aero-structural field test system based on a 100 kW wind turbine has been designed and constructed, and an embedded technology of seven-hole probes at the leading edge of blade composite wind turbine blade has been developed, which has been successfully applied in the manufacture of the pressure-measuring blade. The synchronous measurement technology of multi-channel rotary signal source ensured the aerodynamic, structural and reliability of unit control data coupling analysis.  (4) In the aspect of heat utilization of wind energy, the Center has employed energy level coupling method to establish the thermodynamic model of the new-type heating system based on the coupling of wind energy, solar energy and heat storage, and to form the coupling system design of the direct heating from wind energy, heat utilization from solar energy and phase change heat storage. Prototype of 10kW direct heating system from wind energy has been successfully developed.

In the research field of aero engine, the key technology development and identification have been carried out which aims at the prototype of a new type aero engine. (1) In the aspect of engine performance, a multi-dimensional characteristic description method for a novel compressor and vaneless counter-rotating turbine has been developed, a solution for a horizontal takeoff high-speed air-breathing engine with dual air flow paths and an interstage combustion has been established. (2) In the aspect of aero-engine overall structure, rotor dynamic optimal technology based on supporting stiffness and oil film damping and design technology of compact accessory system has been broken. The detailed structure design of new principle aeroengine has accomplished. (3) In the aspect of compressor, the new type compressor has been tested under the 40%-100% rotating speed of the lowpressure stage by co-working with the high-compressor stage under the 90%- 100% rotating speed, and the performance of this compressor has reached the international leading level. (4) In the aspect of turbine, tip performance improvement method of the high-loaded vaneless counter-rotating turbine has been established, the counter-rotating turbine has been tested under the 60%- 100% rotating speed of the low pressure stage by co-working with the high pressure turbine under the 60%-100% rotating speed, and the performance of the turbine has reached the international leading level. (5) In the aspect of combustor, the lean brow off prediction method of V-gutter stabilized flames on the basis of Damk?hler number has been established, the features of singlerestricted swirling flow in short helical combustor have been explored, the organization plan of flame stabilization and fuel/air mixing has been proposed, the design and performance analyze of H2-rich inter-stage turbine burner has been achieved.

Patents and Paper

In 2017, the Center had 28 scientific publications, which included 12 papers indexed by SCI and 9 by EI. 11 oral presentations and reports were given in international conferences. 12 patents proposals have been submitted and 31 patents authorization have been obtained.


Professor Zhang Mingming is the associate editor of "Renewable Energy" and "Wind Energy Science", which are the authoritative international journals in the field of renewable energy.

Professor Zhao Qingjun is the subject expert commissioner of national strategic high technology field, the editorial board member of Journal of Propulsion Technology.

Professor Zhao Wei is the expert of National strategic high technology project expert group. 

International Cooperation and Exchanges

There are 12 scientific visits and communications in 2017. Professor Xu Jianzhong, Dr. Hu Bin and Dr. Cui Weiwei went to UK to participate the International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines and presented two papers on the conference. Dr. Zhang Mingming, Dr. Zhao Ming and Dr. Li Xingxing attended the North American Wind Energy Academy Symposium and presented papers on the conference. Dr. Zhao Wei together with Dr. Wang Zhonghao, went to America to participate the ASME Turbo Expro 2017 and presented papers respectively. Dr. Zhao Wei went to Australia to participate the International Astronautical Congress 2017 and presented one paper on the conference. Dr. Chen Xiao attended the AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2017 and presented one paper on the conference. Dr. Zhang Lei and Dr. Chen Xiao attended the Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 and presented papers respectively.


Dean: Xu Jianzhong    Tel: 86-10-82543036   E-mail:  xjz@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Yang Ke             Tel: 86-10-82543038   E-mail:  yangke@iet.cn

  Zhao Qingjun    Tel: 86-10-82543047   E-mail: zhaoqingjun@iet.cn 


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