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Energy Storage R&D Center
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Research Fields

Large-scale energy storage technology research and development, particularly novel air energy storage technology, cold storage and heat storage materials and systems, and novel pumped hydroelectric storage system.

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

1. The platform construction of basic research and key technologies

Thermal physical property analysis and testing platform of the heat/cold storage material has been completed. And the CAES dynamic simulation platform was primarily built. In addition, some experimental rigs were built such as the quasi-ionic liquids phase change thermal energy storage experimental rig, the thermal properties experimental rig of material under supercritical conditions, the gravity-driven heat transfer circuit test rig for heat storage and micro-pumped storage base experimental bench. Meanwhile, some improvements and further optimizations were made on the 1.5MW compressed air energy storage system. Moreover, the construction of 10MW advanced compressed air energy storage system was almost completed with the joint debugging.

2. The National Energy Large-scale Physical Energy Storage Research and Development Center

The National Energy Large-scale Physical Energy Storage Research and Development Center was built by the IET, CAS and the municipal government of Bijie, Guizhou. The center construction is in full swing as the infrastructures have been constructed as well as the accessories. The five laboratories (the system integration laboratory, the compressor laboratory, the thermal storage laboratory, the gas turbine laboratory and the novel technology laboratory) have been constructed. Furthermore, the commissioned processing of eleven performance testing platforms has been almost completed, of which 4 platforms (multiaxial coupled rotor dynamics platform, high-speed rotor dynamic balance platform, 10MW physical energy storage platform, the medium and low temperature cold storage testing platform) have been established. The multiaxial coupled rotor dynamics platform has been debugged with better indicators than the designed ones.

Major Projects

1. The National 973 Project ‘The basic research for the large-scale supercritical compressed air energy storage (CAES) system’ from Jan 2015 to Aug 2019.

2. The National 863 Project ‘The research and demonstration of large-scale supercritical compressed air energy storage system’ from Jan 2013 to Dec 2015.

3. The project ‘The integrated research platform of large-scale physical energy storage research and development’ from 2013 to 2016, was granted by the central budget for National Energy Large-scale Physical Energy Storage Research and Development Center.

Major Achievements in 2016

1. The project ‘Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System’was granted with Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization BlueSky Award 2016.

2. The patent ‘Supercritical Energy Storage System’ was granted with the second prize for invention patents of Beijing.

Team Building

The Center currently has 44 employees, including 4 research professors, 9 associate research professors and senior engineers and 2 postdoctoral researchers. Besides employees, there are 14 graduate students. Among them, there are 1 chief expert of the 863 Program, 1 chief expert of the 973 Program, 1 professor of Hundred Talent Plan, 1 of Youth Outstanding Talents Program of Organization Department of CPC, 1 of Youth and Midlife Technological Innovative Leader of MOST, 1 of Excellent Young Scholar of NSFC.

Technology Transfer

By holding the 10MW CAES technology, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET), CAS has set up Zhong-ke-Shuangliang Energy-Storage Systems Company Limited. Besides, agreements have been made with 3 companies on CAES demonstration plants constructions. Twenty-one projects on CAES have been included in the 13th Five Year Plan of the cities or the enterprises.

Patents and Paper

29 papers were published in 2016, including 17 indexed by SCI. 10 national invention patents and 7 utility model patents were applied for; and 1 international patent, 16 national invention patents and 8 utility model patents were authorized.


Chen Haisheng won the Young Scientists Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In 2016, international cooperation involved 1 International S&T Cooperation Special Program of China, 1 Key International Cooperation and Exchange Project of NSFC and 1 International Cooperation and Exchange Project of NSFC. The foreign partners include British universities, University of Leeds, University of Warwick, University of Nottingham, etc. This year, there are 6 person-time going abroad for academic exchange and inspection of project progress. There are 8 person time attending international academic conferences and 10 foreign scholars were invited to give lectures in IET.

Dean: Chen HaishengTel: 86-10-82543148E-mail: chen_hs@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Xu YujieTel: 86-10-82543149E-mail: xuyujie@iet.cn


Academic exchange with foreign counterparts

The test sample of the closed turbine platform


The multiaxial coupled rotor dynamics platform


Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New technologies for Renewable Energy

 Utilization BlueSky Award 2016 of the project ‘Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System’

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