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Achievement Transfer
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In 2014, the institute further enhanced cooperation with local government and enterprises, and the transfer of scientific and technological achievements doubled. 50 new contracts totaling CNY 79.59 million were signed with enterprises, with over CNY 97 million directly allocated to the institute. In addition, the institute signed a cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Huangdao District, Qingdao City and the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau. Last year, we established Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Qingdao Branch and Qingdao Light Power Research Institute - Chinese Academy of Sciences. Using intellectual property as investment, the institute set up 6 industrial companies totaling CNY 626 million in investment with local governments and enterprises, attracting over CNY 390 million in cash investment. This laid a solid foundation for realizing scaled industrialization of the institute’s scientific and technological achievements.

Beijing Zhong-ke-zhong-neng Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhong-Ke-Zhong-Neng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a solely state-owned asset management company founded by Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IET) in order to strengthen and standardize the unified management of the commercial and investment assets of the institute, and to further promote the transfer of the institute’s scientific and technological achievements and industrial scaling. The company aims to further promote the transfer of the institute’s scientific and technological achievements, absorbing socially advantageous resources for inclusion in technological innovation, and encouraging scientific research personnel to participate in entrepreneurial activities by means of "separation of public institution and enterprise."

Company mission: based on IET, CAS, and the scientific and technological achievements of each research unit, the company aims to integrate and allocate social resources to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements via institutional mechanism innovation, thus increasing the comprehensive innovation capability and core competitiveness of the institute.

Main functions of the company: as the platform for the transfer of the institute’s scientific and technological achievements, the company will carry out the three tasks of "asset management with stock equity as the core, operation management with intellectual property rights as the core, and business management with developing an industrialized company as the core"by taking advantage of the company’s institutions and systems and through marketization means. The company is a comprehensive management company performing the dual functions of asset management and asset operation.

In recent years, with the positive progress in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Beijing Zhong-ke-zhong-neng Technology Co., Ltd. plays an increasingly prominent role in the supervision of assets and capital operation, and the operation of intellectual property etc., IET has established 6 high-tech enterprises since 2004, on top of 4 previously existing enterprises, has investments in 10 joint venture companies. The investment in these 10 companies totaled 250M CNY, and includes the energy, power and environmental protection industries, etc.. This company is gradually becoming a state-owned capital management company with major influence in the Chinese Academy of Sciences system and corresponding industries.
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