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Strategic Planning
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Positioning of the Institute

Being centered on the major scientific and technological issues relating to engineering thermophysics, the institute carries out research on the application of fundamental and high technologies, seeks to make breakthroughs in core technologies of IGCC/cogeneration, circulating fluidized beds, light-duty engines, and distributed and renewable energy, and created and implemented an advanced energy power system. Its aim is to forge itself into a first-class institution contributing to the sustainable development of China’s energy and power.

IET annual strategic seminar


Three Key Breakthrough Directions

IGCC/cogeneration system and its key technologies

We developed the core technologies for the gasification of pressurized dense-phase transport beds and the technological research of mid-low calorific value heavy gas turbines for combustion chambers, researched the technology for inherent CO2 capture and gasification, investigated the technology for new IGCC/cogeneration and CCS system optimization and integration, built the infrastructure for new generation clean coal energy power systems, and was in possession of all independent R&D, engineering the whole set and system integration abilities for key unit technologies of IGCC/ cogeneration.

Circulating fluidized bed combustion technology

We researched and developed new types of supercritical CFB boilers and their technological design, possessing thermal matching characteristics for large capacity and high parameter boilers. This broke through the key technological bottlenecks for supercritical and ultra-supercritical circulating fluidized bed boilers, providing system-level solutions. We also researched and developed the key technology of oxygen-enriched combustion of semi-coke/coal in circulating fluidized beds, with breakthroughs in the organic coupling technology between combustion and thermal pyrolysis, realizing the system integration of clean and efficient combustion technology and co-conversion technology.

Advanced light power technology

We broke technological bottlenecks including the "small size effect"and "scale effect,"as well as the design of flexible rotor dynamics for lightweight gas turbines, established the design systems of small-size turbofan engines and gas turbines for vehicles, constructed a basic complete parts and whole mechanism experiment platform for light gas turbines, and realized the integrated innovation of the whole mechanism, enabling China to have independent R&D capabilities in lightweight dynamics.


Five Key Cultivation Orientations

Distributed energy supply systems complemented by multiple energies

To study the key technologies of combined heating and cooling and power driven by waste heat, and to build a distributed power supply system based on the integrated energy system; to make a breakthrough in the technology bottleneck of thermochemical power generation with solar energy, to create a system integration and optimization method that includes multiple complementary energies, and to provide system-level solutions.

Key technologies of new gas turbines

We researched non-phase change passive cooling technology, perfected the technology relating to the contra-rotating ram-jet compressor and the contra-rotating turbine operated under new principles. The integration demonstration for key technologies such as contra-rotating pressing technology and non-phase transitional cooling technology etc. on new gas turbines has been completed. We will complete experimental device debugging for double shaft rotating compressor culvert, and debug the rotary punching compressor in 2015. We also completed research, development and performance testing for counter rotating turbine and combustion chambers etc. in new pattern gas turbines. We accomplished technical identification in non-phase passive cooling guided annular cascade. The prototype of the new gas turbine will be researched and manufactured in 2020, and the maturity level of the key technologies will be increased.

Wind power technology

To study the technology of wind turbine blade airfoil family with wide-ranging applications, wind farm coupling and optimized design; to develop a three-dimensional design method and system for large wind turbine blades. By 2015: to develop and design a new blade series, such as efficient, new style and new concept smart wind power blades; and by 2020, to complete the design technology for the optimal coupling of large wind farms and wind turbines.

Solar thermal energy technology

To study the solar fuel conversion technology: to investigate the design of solar energy and fossil fuel -complemented power generation systems as well as integration and optimization methods; to establish engineering demonstrations of slot-styled solar thermo-chemical power generation systems; and to integrate 135~300MW of hybrid power plants based on a new power generation system made up of a slot-styled solar energy collecting plant and a coal-firing unit.

Technology for large-scale storage of compressed air energy

To focus on developing the new technology for large-scale storage of compressed air energy and the technology of thermal storage/cooling storage; to try to make a breakthrough in the key technology for large-scale compressed air energy storage/thermal storage systems; and to implement the system integration and the engineering demonstrations of 10MW and 100MW scale air energy storage/thermal storage systems.

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