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Research Progresses
The Center of Light Gas Turbine has been established.
Propulsion 1

A micro gas turbine is under design.
On the foundation of the organizational system forthe four untouchedLaboratories, the Institutehas integrated our research strength for light gas turbineand addedthe Center of Light Gas Turbine ina matrix type.The Center has effectively condensed the developing directions of re...
Research Professor Na Zhang attended the 9th International Conference on Gree...
Energy 5
On 16–20 November 2008, the 9th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-9) was held in Washington DC in the USA. Theconference is funded by the USDepartment of Energy and jointly sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Greenhouse Gas R&D Program of the international ene...
Academician Ruixian Cai receives the 2008 Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize for Scientifi...
Events 4
  The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation is a fund for public beneficence registered in Hong Kong by the Heshanheng Fund Co., Ltd. and the Weilun fund Co., Ltd. with 100 million Hong Kong dollars each out of their enthusiasms for advocating sciences and for the rise of China on 30 March 1994. The mission is to promote ...
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