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A high-resolution unsteady flow measurement system

Oct 13, 2021 / Author by ZHANG Yanfeng Text SizeDBS

Based on the Research Equipment Development Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a high-resolution unsteady flow measurement system for high-shear, three-dimensional unsteady flow field in the confined space of aeroengine key components such as compression system, is developed independently by the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS. In this measurement system, the probe diameter is less than 5mm, and the frequency response is higher than 100kHz, accurately obtain the unsteady pressure, velocity, and vorticity fields, which helps to reveal the complex flow structures in multiple ways for key components of aero-engines. The system provides accurate data to improve the understanding of the flow mechanisms in turbomachines, strongly supports the advanced design of aeroengines.

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