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Professor Jiang Xi from Lancaster University Visited IET
Author: | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A | 2016-04-19
On April 12th to 16th, Professor Jiang Xi visited the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IET). He has been the Chair in Energy Use and Transport in the University of Lancaster since 2009. He has an academic profile previously developed at Brunel University, Queen Mary University of London, Building Research Establishment, Seoul National University and University of Science and Technology of China. His research has been in the broad area of Energy & Environments, mainly focused on Energy & Flow Physics research using high-fidelity numerical modelling and simulations. Using advanced modelling/simulation methods (mainly computational fluid dynamics based) such as direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large-eddy simulation (LES) and more recently multiscale modelling, He has investigated a broad range of engineering problems of fluid flow, turbulence, heat and mass transfer, combustion and aero acoustics, including DNS and LES of reacting flows such as syngas/bio-syngas/biogas combustion and gas-liquid two-phase flows, LES of fuel injection and spray combustion, and numerical simulations of geological carbon storage. Most of his computational work has been performed on high-performance computing (HPC) facilities. His research has been published in top journals in the field such as Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, Applied Energy, Journal of Power Sources, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Combustion and Flame, Fuel, Physics of Fluids, AIAA Journal, Numerical Heat Transfer and ASME Journal of Heat Transfer etc. He serves as a Computational Fluid Dynamics Subject Editor of International Journal of Computer Mathematics. He is currently a UK EPSRC Peer Review College Member and regular reviewer for EPSRC and Innovate UK proposals and sits in various assessment panels.

During this visited, both sides decided to build long term cooperation. He visited the experimental base in Long Fang with the company of the head of our institute and the director of Light Duty Gas Turbine Laboratory.He also gave a talk with the title of“High-Fidelity Numerical Simulation of Clean Combustion” .His talk was focused on high-fidelity numerical simulations of unsteady flow and combustion processes using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large-eddy simulation (LES). It highlighted high-order numerical schemes and their boundary conditions, physicochemical models for renewable and alternative fuels, and parallelization algorithms for massively parallel computations. It also covered the combustion chemical kinetics of the products of biomass gasification, complex flow and combustion problems encountered in engines including spray combustion, as well as some other hot topics in DNS/LES of clearer combustion. At the end of his talk, he chatted with attendants and gave some valuable advices about how to learn numerical simulation, how to carry out researches and key factor in cultivating students. Those were very useful for the attendants to carry out research in future.

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