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National Energy Wind Turbine Blade R&D Center
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Research Fields

In the research field of wind energy utilization, investigation was carried out centered around five key aspects:

100 m-blades design and green manufacturing technology

Effectiveness evaluation system and Performance improvements technology for wind turbine blades in service

High efficiency, low cost and long life of the overall technical solutions to wind power heating and heat storage system

Integrated utilization design of wind and marine energy with independent intellectual property rights

In the research field of aero engine, investigation was carried out centered around five key aspects:

General design technology of engine

Research on the new type compressor

Research on the counter-rotating turbine

Research on the short annular combustor

Research on the micro power system

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

In the aspect of research platform constructions, low-speed wind tunnel with test section of 1.5m (width) ´ 1m (height) ´ 4m (length) and noise reduction system has been completed. A two-stage compression using composite heat source heat pump units has been completed, which can use high temperature heat source on the low temperature heat source to refill gas and increase enthalpy. The units can run in -30 environment and generate above 70℃ hot water, and the coefficient of performance is more than 2.6. In the aspect of laboratory instruments, the Center has purchased high precision linear mobile station, wind turbine model of two blades, test system of wind turbine model, universaltestingmachinein this year. Investment in fixed assets amounts to CNY 1.7 million.

On the construction of the experiment device for the scientific research, the dual-axis counter-rotating and dual-bypass compressor experiment device, which is the first one in the domestic, has entered the stage of the system debugging. The blow down contra-rotating compressor test platform and supersonic cascade test platform with inlet velocity up to 2.5Ma are completed. Based on the instrument development project of CAS, the aircraft engine rotary tester is developed. These achievements make us have the ability to test the aerodynamic performance of key parts of new concept engine.

Major Projects

In 2015, the Center received 8 new research grants, which included 1 key National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (CNY 15 million), 2 youth science funds (CNY 0.44 million), 4 projects from Chinese academy of sciences: 1 key deployment project (CNY 22 million), 1project supported by the special funds (CNY 2.75 million), 1 defense scientific innovative founds (CNY 0.25 million), 1 scientific research and equipment development project (CNY 2.98 million), and 1 cooperative businesses project (CNY 0.96 million). The research funding amounts to CNY 44.38 million.

Major Achievements of 2015

In the research field of large-scale wind turbine blade research and development, composite sectional box-beam was fabricated to study process flexibility of manufacturing and assembly, meanwhile FE solid model with consideration of nonlinear contact characteristics was built to investigate nonlinear behavior of bolt loads beyond separation of jointed sections for real sectional blade, and a 38m sectional blade was successfully resist extreme bending loads in four directions, results of experiment met the requirements of international standards of GL and IEC guideline for commercial blades, and it was the first successful case of sectional blade test. The Center has carried out the parameters optimization and related flow control mechanism on key components in intelligent blade. In the research and development of pneumatic wind turbine blades testing system in wind field, we have proposed the piezometric tube embedded technology based on the vacuum injection on wind turbine blades. In terms of wind turbine blades detection, the Center has completed the blade lightning protection system design and issued a report on the design. The Center has established the ultimate failure system analysis method under extreme wind condition, and the current IEC wind turbines design specification improvement and modification suggestions are put forward. By using nonlinear finite element analysis method and full scale blade bending bearing capacity test, the new blade structural response under the limit bending load characteristics has been analyzed, and structural design method effectiveness has been verified in promoting ultimate strength and inhibition local nonlinear buckling of blades.

The research of new concept engines which are worldwide innovations is supported by key National High Technology Research and Development Program of China and Key Deployment Project of CAS in 2015. The related research activities include: (1) the preliminary aerodynamic and structural design for two types of new concept engines, (2) the detailed design for the key components (compressor, combustor and turbine) of the new concept engines, (3) the performance test for the compressor and combustor, (4) the preparing for the turbine experiments, (5) the solution to the issue on the start-up process for the new concept engines, (6) the obvious improvement of the new type compressor ( 3% increase of stage pressure ratio, 6 percentage points increase of isentropic efficiency, 50% increase of stall margin), and (7) the establishment of the flow control methods for increasing the isentropic efficiency of compressor at medium and low rotating speed conditions.

Organization and Personnel

In the aspect of research team construction, the Center recruited 2 new staff and 1 post-doctor in this year. Currently there are 35 faculty members, 14 of which have obtained senior professional title and 26 of which hold PhD degrees.

In the aspect of graduate education, 7 doctoral students and 8 postgraduates graduated in this year. Currently there are 21 graduate students including 7 doctoral students and 14 postgraduates. Besides, there are 2 joint training postgraduates.

Patents and Paper

In 2015, the Center had 16 scientific publications, which included13 papers indexed by SCI and 16 by EI. 8 technical reports have been submitted. 3 oral presentations and reports were given in international conferences. 24 patents proposals have been submitted and 12 patents authorization have been obtained.


"Wind blade design technology suited to the characteristics of the Chinese wind resources" team was awarded the 2015 Science and Technology Promotion Development Award of Chinese academy of sciences, "second prize of scientific contribution".

International Cooperation and Exchanges

Academician Xu Jianzhong, the director of the center, led his team to Hong Kong to attend the HKUST EI – CAS IET Joint Workshop on Distributed Energy System in 2015, and exchanged deeply with international and national scholars concerning the latest achievements of wind energy, solar energy and distributed energy resource et al. Three papers had been addressed on the conference.


Dean: Xu Jianzhong                Tel: 86-10-82543036       E-mail: xjz@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Yang Ke           Tel: 86-10-82543038       E-mail: yangke@iet.cn

                        Zhao Qingjun    Tel: 86-10-82543047      E-mail: zhaoqingjun@iet.cn


Science and Technology Promotion Development Award by CAS

Blade test

The blowdown supersonic cascade experiment platform

The blowdown compressor and turbine experiment platform

The dual-axis counter-rotating and dual-bypass compressor experiment device

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