Unmanned Aircraft Laboratory

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Research Fields

Based on the solid foundation of the Light-duty Gas-turbine Technology in IET, leaded by the requirements of the designation and system integration of UAV platform, we carry out research in areas such as foundational investigation of UAV, key technologies, innovative system integration, product development, etc.

Team Building

There are 36 staff members and seven postgraduate students, including one professor, six associate professors / senior engineers and two post-doctors.

Projects and Major Achievements

In 2019, eleven projects were in process, among which four projects are granted, including two National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects, one Special Fund of Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation project, and one Special Fund of CAS’s Talents project.

The target UAV flew twice for the out-field tests.

A VTOL named “Hummingbird” completed the whole system flight test by a prototype.

The solar-powered UAV completed a series of flights and the first drop-flight test.

Another solar-powered UAV completed a series of flight tests which includes flying, dropping in the air and landing automatically by a free-flight model.

Patents and Paper

In 2019, 6 academic papers were published, among which 4 were indexed by SCI. 10 patents were applied and 16 patents were authorized.

Title: Enhancing Information Security via Physical Layer Approaches in Heterogeneous IOT With Multiple Access Mobile Edge Computing in Smart City

Journal: IEEE ACCESS, IF: 4.098

Title: Nonlinear dissipation and nonequilibrium gas flows

Journal: Physical Review E, IF: 2.38


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