Unmanned Aircraft Laboratory

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Research Area

Based on the solid foundation of the Light-duty Gas-turbine Technology from the institute, leading with the requirement for the designation and system integration of UAV platform, we research in the area such as General technologies of UAV, tackle problems of key technologies, system integration innovation, designation of the related products and so on.

Research directions

1. UAV Platform Technology

Technology of aircraft conception design, highly efficient aerodynamic design, structural design and manufacturing of light-weight and high-strength aircraft, comprehensive design of highly efficient aircraft-engine matching, design of small high-performance control and navigation system, design of small integrated avionics, comprehensive design of conceptual, aerodynamics, structure, control, energy and engines for aircraft.

2. UAV platform integration and testing technology

Integration and optimization of UAV platform, Evaluation and testing of UAV system, verification of flight experiment and data collecting &processing technology

3. Technology of UAV’s application and management

Solution of designing user oriented UAV, UAV management, control and risk assessment technology


Dean: Ma Xiaoping  Tel: 86-10-82543198  E-mail: maxiaoping@iet.cn


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