Research Center for Energy and Power

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Research Fields

Fundamental research, RD&D of advanced energy and power transformation technology and system.

Research Directions:

1. Dense Transport Bed Gasification

2. Heavy-duty Gas Turbine

3. Advanced Power Cycle and Energy & Power System

4. Energy Saving and Environment Protection

5. Energy Science and Technology Innovation Strategy and Policy

Team Building

Currently, the center has 21 employees, including 4 research professors, 8 associate research professors; 27 graduate students including 12 pursuing a Doctorate and 15 pursuing a Master’s degree.

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences granted Master degree to 6 students in 2019.

Projects and Major Achievements

The center undertook the national major science and technology infrastructure project “High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility” and led the basic research project of national “aero-engine and gas turbine” major project, named “the fundamental research on wet gas turbine cycle technology”.

Regarding dense transport bed gasification, we simulated tar cracking using statistical bonding BMCP model. By extending the BMCP method to coal gasification process, we established the first generic kinetic model on coal gasification from bonds’ perspective. By experiments from laboratory scale to pilot scale and improvements on instruments, the stabilities for stop-start operations and regular operations were improved. The structure of material cycle for gasification device with hydrogen production and CO2 capture are determined by coupling the gas-solid flow experiments and numerical simulations.

For the research and development of gas turbine combustion, we optimized the turbulence model based on the results of 3D-LDV flow field experiments. Combined with the FGM combustion model considering detailed Lewis number, a numerical simulation method for hydrogen-rich fuel micro-mix combustion was determined. We carried out experimental investigation at atmosphere pressure condition for micro-mix combustion with typical syngas as fuel. When the outlet temperature did not exceed 2000K, the combustion efficiency is 99.9% without dilution and NOx emissions were lower than 10ppm @ 15% O2. For MILD combustion, we carried out studies on combustion stability, combustion with humid air and axial fuel-staging. We have obtained the stable combustion range under different blending modes and fuel-to-air ratios, the influence of air humidity on the combustion characteristics and the rise of the reaction zone, and the influence of different axial fuel-staging schemes on the NOx emissions of the combustion chamber.

With respect to advanced power cycle and energy & power system, we preliminarily established the performance model of R0110 gas turbine burning medium and low heat value fuel gas, and carried out the feasibility study of IGCC project in cooperation with Lianyungang petrochemical base to promote the application demonstration of the first set of independent medium and low heat value fuel fired E-class gas turbine. We constructed IGCC System of carbon capture based on membrane reactor, which is 2.6% higher than that of conventional carbon capture system. Taking a 10MW regenerative cycle gas turbine as a prototype, we studied the flow matching scheme, combustion chamber working conditions and combined heat and power performance of the humid air turbine cycle based on the gas turbine. The performance of water injection regenerative cycle also was investigated based on the 10MW regenerative cycle gas turbine.

The national major science and technology infrastructure project “High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility”: In July 2019, review meeting on preliminary design report was held in Lianyungang City and Shanghai City; on October14, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City issued the approval of the project preliminary design.

Technology Transfer

The center worked together with Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City and Shanghai City to promote the preliminary design of the national major science and technology infrastructure project “High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility”. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City approved the project preliminary design on October14, 2019.

Patents and Paper

In 2019, 17 papers were published, among which 5 were indexed by SCI and 3 indexed by EI. 3 invention patents were applied, 5 invention patents were authorized, 3 utility model patents were authorized, and 2 software copyrights were authorized.


Professor XIAO Yunhan is Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, UK.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The center continued to promote substantial cooperation with US members of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC) and of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Energy and Water Track (CERC-WET).

The center participated 2 international cooperation projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, called “Carbon capture, storage, utilization, demonstration and new generation of technology development” and “key technologies of energy and water bond and efficient green utilization” respectively. Joint team carried out research on capture-ready gasification technology, efficient and water-saving IGCC/IGFC power plants, water and heat simultaneous recovery technology. The researcher from the center reported research progress on CERC-WET annual meeting in Berkeley, USA and discussed cooperation plan with US representatives further. The researchers carried out research on low-emission combustion chamber technology with the support of “experimental research and verification of gas turbine ELN combustion chamber” in the international cooperation project of CAS.

The center has invited a number of well-known foreign professors to teach and cooperate including ASME Fellow Dr. ZHANG Luzeng, Dr. Gilbert Kraemer and Dr. Raymond E. Chupp from GE, Dr. Oleg Zastavniouk and Dr. Yakov Kabakov from MDS, and experts from Kawasaki Heavy Industries. From March 4 to March 31, 2019, several researchers from the center went to Ottawa, Canada, to communicate, consult and cooperate with MDS company on the preliminary design of the national major science and technology infrastructure project “High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility”. Through this exchange, the substantial cooperation between the center and Canada MDS company in the preliminary design of the project was accelerated, the deliverables were defined, and the preliminary design of the project was strongly promoted.

Center researchers participated in the 2019 Turbo Machinery Expo (ASME Turbo Expo 2019), Global Power and Propulsion Society Beijing Conference 2019 and presented papers.

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