Research Center for Energy and Power

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Research Fields

Fundamental research, R&D of advanced energy and power transformation technology and system.

Research Directions:

1. Dense Transport Bed Gasification

2. Heavy-duty Gas Turbine

3. Advanced Power Cycle and Energy System

4. Energy Saving and Environment Protection

5. Energy Science and Technology Innovation Strategy and Policy

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

Completed debugging of the pressurized transport gasification engineering research facility system; completed baking and pressurized hot operation of key unit / equipment; carried out dense gas-solid flow research under pressurized and high temperature conditions. Conducted coal combustion and gasification tests, and prepared for subsequent research and optimization. The facility can be employed to do coal gasification research on different kinds of coal within the scope of 3.0 MPa operating pressure and 6 t/h coal input, including air blown, oxygen-enriched air blown and pure oxygen blown conditions.

Major Projects

The center undertook a Youth 973 program project, titled “Fundamental Research On Gas Turbine Efficient, Clean, Mild Combustion Mechanism And Combustor”, and has leaded the research of the national major science and technology infrastructure project “High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility”.

Major Achievements in 2016

The effect of uniformity of the steam dilution the natural gas on diffusion combustion was investigated. The results showed that improving the uniformity of fuel vapor can reduce the emission of CO and NOx. The test piece of lean premixed combustion chamber has been manufactured. The test of single can combustion chamber was carried out under medium and high pressures. When the outlet temperature was 1140 oC, the NOx emission was about 10 ppm@15%O2. The experimental study of MILD combustion chamber has been carried out. We have completed the design and processing of the full-scale mild combustion chamber test piece, and carried out tests under medium and high pressures. High efficiency and low emission targets under low mixing uniformity were achieved (with combustor outlet temperature of 1200 oC, NOx<20 ppm@15%O2, and the total pressure recovery coefficient higher than 0.945).

Team Building

Currently, the center has 27 employees, including 5 research professors, 9 associate research professors, 2 professors of CAS Hundred Talent Program; 23 graduate students including 8 Ph.D. candidates and 15 M.S. candidates; 1 post-doctor. 5 students were granted with Ph.D. degree, and 8with Master degree in 2016.

Professor Xiao Yunhan is Committee member of Coal Chemistry of China Coal Association; Executive director of China Energy Research Association; Deputy head, Thermodynamics and Engineering Application of China Energy Research Association; General Secretary, Beijing Society of Engineering Thermophysics; Deputy editor in chief, International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Science; Member of editorial board, Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, Journal of Thermal Power and Coal Journal.

Technology Transfer

The center worked together with Jiangsu province and Lianyungang city to promote the application of the national major science and technology infrastructure project "High-Efficiency and Low-Carbon Gas Turbine Research Facility". Joint application team won the selection of leading unit and is now leading the preparation of project proposal.

Patents and Paper

Throughout the year, 11 papers were published, including 5 indexed by SCI, 4 by EI; 8 invention patents were applied for, 3 invention patents were authorized, and 1 utility model patent was authorized.


Professor Xiao Yunhan is Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, UK.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

The center has continued to promote substantial cooperation with the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), US members of U.S.- China Clean Energy Research Center on Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (CERC-ACTC) and of U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center on Energy and Water Track (CERC-WET). Joint team has carried out joint research on capture-ready gasification technology, efficient and water-saving IGCC/IGFC Power Plants and low emission combustion with high efficiency. The center participated 2 international cooperation projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and undertook an international cooperation project supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences. A graduate student obtained master degree from the center has continued to study in the University of California.

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Deputy Dean: Zhao LifengTel: 86-10-82543067E-mail:

                         Zhang ZhedianTel: 86-10-82543070E-mail:

 On-site inspection of experts for National Major Science and Technology Facility

Pilot scale gasification test facility

The preparatory work before tests carried out by researchers

Key component test facility for water and heat recovery and deep purification of coal fired boiler flue gas

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