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Research Fields

With the orientation of advanced light-duty gas turbine technology research and development (R&D) and the system integration, the fundamental research of small turbofan engine and vehicle gas turbine, the key technology R&D, the innovation system integrated and new product development have been carried out.

Team Building

The Laboratory currently has 85 employees, including 12 research professors (2 CAS “Hundred Talent Program”, 1 of The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, 1 of outstanding technologist,1 of Military field outstanding technical personnel), 25 associate researchers /senior engineers; 43 graduated students and 2 postdoctors.

Projects and Major Achievements 

In this annular year, more than 25 research projects were granted, including 3 of the "Aero-engine and Gas Turbine" special funds, 4 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program; Key Program; International Cooperation and Exchanges), 6 sub-projects of the "Aero-engine and Gas Turbine" special funds, and 8 transverse commissioned projects of enterprises. 5 projects concluded acceptance (including the knowledge innovation important direction project CAS, the international cooperation project and the advance research projects, etc.).

For the small turbofan engine, the small turbofan engine high-altitude test was completed in the light-duty aero-engine high-altitude test bench. Engine performance was all up to standard, and the project technical acceptance was completed; On this basis, the matching design of small turbofan engine and UAV was carried out, and the engine modification was carried out according to the requirement of UAV. The modified engine engineering design and review was completed.

In the aspect of small turbo-shaft engine, the matching design, debugging and test of turbo-shaft engine and unmanned helicopter was completed, and the maiden flight was successfully achieved. Based on the small turbo-shaft engine for unmanned helicopter, the key technologies such as efficient design of small gas turbine full working condition range, matching of gas turbine and inlet and exhaust system and adaptability of gas turbine light diesel fuel were further broken through, the small gas turbine of unmanned navigator was developed, the matching design, debugging and test of small gas turbine and high speed motor were completed. The integration verification was completed on the unmanned Navigator energy power system.

In the small turbojet engine, the 100 kg thrust grade turbojet engine entered the batch production stage. The test flights were completed in a number of target drone, and the turbojet passed the training identification; The 200 kg thrust grade engine entered the small batch trial stage, The first flight was completed combined with the simulated-flying UAV; The small turbojet engine with after-burner was completed the ground and high altitude test verification and have the conditions for the maiden flight.

In the aspect of small gas turbines, the test of two-stage centrifugal compressor for MW gas turbine was completed, the retrofit development of gas-type MW gas turbine was carried out, the whole machine assembly and pry-mounted generator set system integration was completed, the 48-hour duration test was successfully passed, and the main performance indexes met the design requirements. The design of 100kw regenerative gas turbine scheme and compact high efficiency reheater test was completed, which laid a foundation for the implementation of regenerative gas turbine project.

Patents and Paper

This year a total of 40 academic papers were published, of which 21 were included in SCI, 9 were included in EI, 32 were applied for national invention patents, and 40 national invention patents were licensed.


"Key technology and application of the small turbofan engine" and "key technology of high efficiency-cost ratio small turbojet engine" passed through the evaluation of the achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Research Group of Advanced Light-duty aeronautical Gas Turbine Technologies" won the 2018 Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Design and sample development of low emission combustor for 10MW aero derivative gas turbine

4MW Gas turbine Test-bed

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