Laboratory of Light-duty Gas-turbine

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Research Fields

Research Areas: With the orientation of advanced light-duty gas turbine technology research and development (R&D) and the system integration, the fundamental research of small turbofan engine and vehicle gas turbine, the key technology R&D, the innovation system integrated and new product development have been carried out.

Team Building

The Laboratory currently has 116 employees, including 11 research professors ( 2 of Hundred Talent Plan, 1 of The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, 1 of outstanding technologist, 1 of Military field outstanding technical personnel), 19 associate researchers/senior engineers; 44 graduated Students and 2 postdoctors.

Projects and Major Achievements

In this annular year, more than 30 research projects were granted, including 3 of the "Aero-engine and Gas Turbine" special funds, 1 of the civil aircraft special research and technology projects, 1 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) special funds for repair and purchase, CAS major deployment project in science, CAS instrument development project, 3 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Institute of fund frontier project and 11 transverse commissioned projects of enterprises. 8 projects concluded acceptance (including the knowledge innovation important direction project CAS, the international cooperation project and the advance research projects, etc.)

Aero-engine structure design and system integration: The components improvement testing, trouble shooting and the performance adjustment of the small turbofan engine were completed. According to the turbofan engine load spectrum for the high altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, the durable test of the small turbofan engine was conducted. The engine performance was fine and all the parameter instruction was normal, which lays a solid foundation for the next step to carry out engine altitude performance test. The key technology of small turbo-shaft engine design was conducted and a small turbo-shaft engine verification platform was constructed. In the small turbo-shaft engine test, the design speed and the design power were achieved. The matching design between the small turbo-shaft engine and the unmanned helicopter was completed and was ready for the first flight testing; The 100 kg thrust class turbojet engine entered the mass production stage, and all the indicators met the targets during a number of flight tests of the drones equipped with the engine; The 200 kg thrust class engine completed the endurance test, entered the small batch production stage, and completed the enginematching design with several general units and will be ready for flight test. The development of afterburner in a small turbojet engine was carried out, the performance test of afterburner was completed, and the flight test was expected at the end of 2018.

In the aspect of structural design and system integration of vehicle gas turbine, the performance tests of the high/low pressure compressor and the turbine over-speed test of MW gas turbine were carried out. The system integration of the gas turbine was completed and the whole engine was assembled. The performance test of the gas turbine showed the main performance indexes meet the design requirements, which successfully passed the examination and acceptance of the important direction project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Knowledge Innovation project. With the help from AVIC 460 factory, the integration and performance debugging of the 4 MW gas turbine was completed, and successfully passed the engine idle test.

Research aspects of microgravity and clean combustion: Completed the project design of the scientific experiment system of the Space Station Combustion Experiment Cabinet, passed the appraisal successfully, and received the praise. Currently, the key technologies tackling has been completed, which is ready for the appraisal acceptance. The platform construction project of the combustion science experimental cabinet safeguard project was essentially finalized.

Patents and Paper

Totally 32 paper was published in 2017, including 23 indexed by SCI and 16 by EI. 56 invention patents were applied for and 30 of them were authorized.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In order to enhance the publicity of laboratory in the field of aero-engines and gas turbines around the word, an international symposium on aero-engine and gas turbine aerodynamics was organized. Professors Reza Abhariand Anestis Kalfas from the Laboratory for Energy Conversion at the ETH Zürich, Professor Jeschke from the Institute of Jet-Propulsion and Turbo-Machinery, RWTH Aachen were invited. Eight presentations regarding the research on the concept of advanced propulsion technology, the design of compressor and the method of enlarging stability, as well as the measurement technology were given during the seminar. In addition, 8 research and testing experts from the Russian central aero-engine research institute were invited to visit the laboratory. The discussion of the aero-engine altitude test, in terms of the data collection, performance test standard and the calibration and correction of thrust measurement, was conducted. In this year, the research professors and students participated in several international/domestic conferences, including the Shanghai GPPS international conference and the annual thermophysics engineering conference etc..

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1000kg thrust turbofan engine succeed the durability test

Design and sample development of low emission combustor for 10MW aero derivative gas turbine

4MW Gas turbine Test-bed

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