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Research Fields

With the orientation of advanced light-duty gas turbine technology research and development (R&D) and the system integration, the fundamental research of small turbofan engine and vehicle gas turbine, the key technology R&D, system integrated innovation and new product development have been carried out.

Research directions

1. Aero-engine structural design and system integration: high-load, high-efficiency wide stall margin fan/compressor technology; design technology of combined compressor (multistage axial compressor, mixed-flow and centrifugal compressors and two stage centrifugal compressor); design technology of aero-engine high temperature rise combustion chambers, principles and control technology of pollutants (NOx, CO, etc.) and emissions in aero-engine; design technology with comprehensive consideration of aerodynamic, cooling and reliability of turbine blades, and its model R&D and gas turbine key technology verifications.

2. Structural design and system integration of vehicle gas turbine: structural design of high power density vehicle gas turbine; rotor-dynamics of tri-spool gas turbine; vibration and structural design of high-efficiency closed-impeller centrifugal compressor; structural design of compact multi-fuel annular combustor; adjusting law of variable guide vanes for power turbine; high-efficiency dust removing unit for vehicle gas turbine and the current regulation technology research; integration technology of full-electric high speed motor and gas turbine key technology verifications.

3. The Research of Microgravity and Clean Combustion: fundamental research on combustion and its technological application in micro-gravity environment, R&D of the low-emission combustion technology and system integration for aero-derivative gas turbine have been carried out.


Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

The design and engineering review of the high-altitude test bed were carried out in January and August, 2016. The review experts were from different institutes, including the 624 institute - the famous high-altitude testing centre in China. The key technology of high-altitude thrust control was simulated numerically, which provided the platform for reducing the commissioning time. The high-altitude test bed was almost ready. The vacuum pumps, air compressors, heaters and other equipment had been conducted the performance testing, and there by ready for delivery.


Major Projects

In this annular year, 21 research projects were granted, including 4 civil aircraft research projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a “13th Five-Year Plan” ZB pre-research project of Navy Equipment Department, a “13th Five-Year Plan” ZB pre-research United Foundation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a B project of CAS, CAS major deployment project in science, 3 projects from National Natural Science Foundations of China and 10 transverse commissioned projects from enterprises.


Major Achievements in 2016

1. Aero-engine structural design and system integration:

The whole-engine tests of 1000kg thrust turbofan engine were done after improving the components performance. The reliability and high altitude test will be carried out soon; For the small turbo shaft engine, the compressor and combustor testing was finished. In addition, the manufacturing of other key components was completed and the whole engine assembling was accomplished. The initial test of the engine was conducted; The flight test of the 80kg-thrust small turbojet was completed, the turbo jet entered service after a successful technical appraisal review; The performance and durability tests were successfully completed for the 95kg-thrust turbojet, which is ready for flight test; The 190kg-thrust turbojet got one-time test success and all performance indicators reached design requirements.

2. Structural design and system integration of vehicle gas turbine:

The 1MW gas turbine component testing, including combustor nozzle performance test, compressor performance test, rotor-disk over-speed test and control system semi-physical simulation test, were completed. The whole engine was assembled and the performance test was completed. For the 4MW gas turbine, the two-stage power turbine over-speed test, the control system semi-physical simulation test and the core engine debugging test were finished. The whole machine assembling and test was scheduled at the end of December this year.

3. The Research of Microgravity and Clean Combustion:

Wire characteristics box was launched with the "Shi Jian 10" satellite on April 6 and the payload was completed successfully; President Bai Chunli sent a congratulatory letter, CCTV news channel gave a special report on the experiment; The combustion science experimental cabinet of the scientific experiment system space station has been completed; the low emission combustion technology has been developed, and the 863 project’s acceptance work of hydrogen-rich combustion was also completed.


Team Building

The Laboratory currently has 72 employees, including 9 research professors (2 of Hundred Talent Plan, 1 of The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts, 1 of outstanding technologist, 1 of Military field outstanding technical personnel), 20 associate researchers /senior engineers; 35 graduates including 11 doctoral students and 24 master students; 4 postdoctors. 12 are specifically employed for the present project, including 6 researchers.


Technology Transfer

1. CAS Hefei Micro Gas Turbine Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The 6300 m2 test unit of experimental base has been built and put into service. In this test unit, there are 3 engine test beds and 2 key technology test stations for gas turbine components, 4 component test and key technology test stations are building. Meanwhile, in order to speed up the industrialization process of the gas turbine, the 18,000 m2assembling plant and 26,000 m2mechanical processing plant have been almost completed. In transferring of shareholding, the Institute obtained income of CNY 95 million.

2. CAS Qingdao Hangxing Technology Co. Ltd.

The 100kg-thrust turbojet achieved technological transformation, and CAS Qingdao Hangxing technology Co. Ltd has been established. The registered capital is CNY 150 million (including CNY 90 million of enterprise investment), capital injection has been completed.

3. CAS Aviation Power Technology Co., Ltd.

The 300kW-turboshaft engine has achieved technological transformation. The Institute cooperated with enterprises to establish the CAS Aviation Power Technology Co., Ltd.. The registered capital was CNY 142.86 million. The commercial research funds of CNY 20 million has been transferred into Institute’s account.


Patents and Paper

In this year, 34 papers were published, including 13 papers indexed by SCI and 21 by EI. In addition, 31 invention patents were authorized.



The technology of novel mixed flow-centrifugal compressor won the second prize of Technology and Industry for National Defense.


International Cooperation and Exchanges

The Gas Turbine Lab and the Russian Klimov company launched a collaboration project on the key technology research of civil small turbofan engine. Ten technical experts visited the Russian Klimov company to conduct a two-week technical exchange, focusing on the analysis of civil small turbofan engine design methodology and technical characteristics. In accordance with the requirements of quality system of Russia Klimov company, the research of civil small turbofan engine design review and evaluation were completed, which promoted the domestic gas turbine engine design and improved the level of technology, and provided technical support with international advanced level and market competition capacity for self - developed civil small turbofan engine. Besides, Dr. XueFeng Zhang was invited to visit the institute, and a lecture regarding the aerodynamic design of small turbofan engine was given.


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1MW gas turbine completed successfully machine performance test


4MW gas turbine ignited successfully


1000kg thrust turbofan engine completed the initial test to reach the slow speed

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