Laboratory of Circulating Fluidized Bed

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Research Fields

Orienting at the major demand in the field of energy and environment in China, the laboratory has been engaging in the research and development of technology and engineering in the fields of efficient clean and low-carbon combustion, gasification and grading utilization of coal, deeply flexible load adjustment of coal fired boilers, low-carbon industrial process, solid waste disposal and comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction, etc.

Team Building

There are permanent 45 research staff including 13 professors, 11 associate professors/senior engineers, 2 post-doctor fellows and 54 graduate students.

Projects and Major Achievements

In the aspect of coal combustion, ultra-low NOx emission combustion was realized in coal-fired industrial boilers with a series of capacities from 60 t/h to 130 t/h and then to 160 t/h, resulting in the denitrification cost reduced by more than 80%. “In situ-duality” low-nitrogen technology is applied in 2500 t/d cement kiln demonstration project with NOx emission less than 50 mg/m3, which passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements organized by China Building Materials Association, and was selected as the group standard of Chinese Society of Environmental Science.

In the aspect of coal gasification, the project of 2500 t/d CFB pressurized coal gasification to produce hydrogen has been constructed which is the largest CFB coal gasification device in China. 4 units of CFB coal gasifiers with the capacity of 80000 m3/h in Indonesia have been continuously operating for more than 300 days with safety and stabilization. As one of 5 major achievements of CAS in 2021, CFB coal gasification technology was released in China (Anhui) Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Transfer and Transformation Fair. Two standards related to gasification have been approved by the National Energy Administration.

In the aspect of solid waste disposal and resource utilization, the key technology of carbon combustion of gasified ash coupling with slag phase reconstruction has been broke through, which has been validated in the kiloton/year fluidized melting pilot test, realizing the high value utilization of coal-based solid waste making silicon-aluminum. And meanwhile the design of 100,000 tons/year demonstration project was completed. Ultra-low NOx emission of gasified fine slag from entrained-flow bed was realized with efficient incineration, providing a better option for its disposal. The mechanism experiment of activated carbon production from CFB gasified fly ash was conducted, realizing the orderly development of pore structure of fly ash within second time level.

In the aspect of measurement and diagnosis of multiphase flow process and process analysis of thermal reaction, visual measurement of electricity in gas-solid complex flow structure in spouted bed was realized. Combined with the pressure signal spectrum analysis, the correlation rule of flow pattern/flow state evolution and operation parameters was revealed. The nonlinear problem of multiple input and output system in mass spectrometry quantitative analysis is solved, realizing the high-precision analysis of the yield of mixed gas with low signal-to-noise ratio under critical reaction state.

Patents and Paper

In 2021, the research team was rewarded with First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Coal Industry Association, Second Prize of China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement Award, and China Patent Excellence Award.

Prof. ZHU Zhiping was successfully selected as Technical Support Talents of CAS.

Prof. REN Qiangqiang was honored with Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award.

Prof. ZENG Guang was successfully supported preferentially in the Lead Action Plan of CAS.

Associate Prof. OUYANG Ziqu was honored with Youth Outstanding Contribution Award of IET”.


The international workshop on thermal conversion for carbon neutrality was successfully initiated and hosted.

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