Laboratory of Circulating Fluidized Bed

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Research Fields

Orienting at the major demand in the field of energy and environment in China, the laboratory has been engaging in the research and develop on technology of high-efficient clean utilization of coal, derived fuels from coal, coal base solid waste and biomass, etc., R&D of high technology and engineering development including the high-efficient clean combustion, grading utilization, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction, etc.

1. CFB combustion technology with high efficiency and low NOx emission: gas-solid flow, uniformity of combustion and heat transfer, NOx and SO2 emission control in CFB furnace; key technology of NOx emission control and system integration research in furnace with super-critical parameters; CFB oxy-fuel combustion with high oxygen concentration; optimized technology of CFB boiler with multiple fuels.

2. Combustion technology with high efficiency and low NOx emission of pulverized coal and its derived fuels: ultra-low NOx combustion of pulverized coal preheating and cement kiln.

3. CFB coal gasification technology: CFB coal gasification at both atmosphere pressure and pressurized atmosphere for industrial gas and syngas for synthetic ammonia.

4. Fluidized melt gasification technology: New-type clean efficient coal gasification technology with wide fuel adaptability.

5. Solid waste disposal technology: coal-based industrial solid waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal with large scale and low cost.

6. Numerical calculation and measurement of multi-phase flow: numerical calculation of complex gas-solid flow, capacitance and microwave bimodal tomography measurement, heterogeneous dielectric constant imaging algorithm research.

7. Quantitative analysis of heat reaction process: mass spectrometry quantitative analysis measurement and application, mass energy dynamic correlation thermal analysis method research.

Team Building

There are 56 research staffs and 37 graduate students, and 1 post-doctor fellows, including 8 professors, 10 associate professors/senior engineers.

There are 25 research staffs for DaTong test centre.

Projects and Major Achievements

In 2020, there were 30 research projects in all, 5 of which were newly approved, including national key research and development project, national natural science foundation of China, international cooperation project, key special project for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of CAS, the strategic priority research program of CAS and major technology cooperation with enterprises, etc. 1 special program of renovation and purchase from CAS passed the acceptance.

In the aspect of coal combustion, pulverized coal preheating combustion with ultra-low NOx was demonstrated in 40t/h and 60t/h industrial boilers, and CFB technology with high temperature and post-combustion was demonstrated in 75t/h and 240t/h industrial boilers. Ultra-low NOx emission was realized with less than 100mg/m3 in 2500t/d cement kiln; new-type cement firing technology was applied in 1.5t/d test unit.

Several projects using CFB coal gasification technology in the fields of industrial gas and synthesis ammonia were put into operation with the high alkali coal and anthracite, etc., which further verifies the wide adaptability. The report of “The First Unit of CFB Gasification Device with Anthracite in China Commissioned and Operated in Anshun, Guizhou Province” was selected as one of the highlights in the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of CAS in 2020; CFB coal gasification technology is used for the central gas supplying project of clean industrial gas in Gaoan, Jiangxi Province which the largest in the world facilitated the transformation and upgrading of ceramic industry. The technology has extended to apply in the field of modern coal chemical industry, and the projects of 2500t/d CFB pressurized coal gasification to produce hydrogen, and 2×70000m3/h CFB pure oxygen to produce ethanol syngas began to construct.

In the aspect of coal-based industrial solid waste disposal, the first unit of 500t/d gasified fly ash incinerator in the world was successfully put into operation with the combustion efficiency of 98.7%. The pilot-scale test of fluidized melt technology with the capacity of kiloton per day was finished and the engineering project of 288t/d gasified fly ash fluidized melt gasification began to construct.

In the aspects of multi-phase flow measurement and diagnosis, and analysis of heat reaction process, the online and visible monitoring of pressurized CFB gas-solid flow was realized, revealing the variation of key flow characteristics with operating pressure in gas-solid flow process. High dimensional information solving algorithm of quantitative analysis by mass spectrometry was formed, realizing synchronous analysis of mixed gas detection calibration and qualitative and quantitative analysis.

5 achievements were awarded the scientific and technological achievements identification, among which the 4 technology achievements of 350MW supercritical CFB boilers with polygonal furnace and multiple separators, MWlevel Ultra-low NOx pulverized coal preheating combustion, research and demonstration of low NOx and efficient combustion of 40t/h pulverized coal industrial boiler, 130t/h CFB boiler combusting 100% biomass with ultrahigh pressure and reheat were appraised by reaching international leading level respectively organized by China Electricity Council, China National Coal Association, China Electrical Engineering Society and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association respectively. And research and application of low pollution control and collaborative high efficiency combustion technology for all slime fuel circulation fluidized bed boilers was appraised by reaching international advanced level organized by National Coal Association.

Technology Transfer

In 2020, CAS Engineering Laboratory for Coal Clean Combustion and Gasification and Coal Clean and Efficient Combustion and Gasification Engineering Research and Development Center of Shanxi Province were approved.

Patents and Paper

In 2020, 54 technical papers were published, among which 39 were indexed by SCI. 34 patents were applied and 14 domestic and foreign patents were authorized.

In Journal of Cleaner Production (IF = 7.246), An efficient and economic denitration technology based on fuel pretreatment for cement cleaner production was published.

In Journal of Energy (IF = 6.082), Experiment study on NOx emission characteristics of the ultra-low volatile fuel in a 2 MW novel pulverized fuel self-sustained preheating combust was published.

In Journal of Fuel(IF = 5.578), Influence of feeding position and postcombustion air arrangement on NOx emission from circulating fluidized bed combustion with post-combustion was published.


In 2020, the research team was prized with “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences ”. Prof. LYU Qinggang was honored with “Outstanding Contribution Award of IET ”. WU Huixing was awarded with National Scholarship and Excellent Student Cadre of UCAS .

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In 2020, due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in the world, the academic communication abroad was forced to stop. The scientific researchers have been keeping in contact with foreign scholars through instant video system or emails, which guarantees the international project proceeds smoothly.

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