Laboratory of Circulating Fluidized Bed

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Research Fields

R&D of high efficient clean combustion, pyrolysis and/or gasification conversion, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction of coal, derived fuels from coal, and biomass, etc. especially with circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology, multi-phase flow and its diagnosis, combustion chemistry and catalytic combustion, quantitative analysis and application of reaction process.

Team Building

There are 51 research staffs, including 12 professors, 11 associate professors/senior engineers, 45 graduate students (master and doctor) and 2 post-doctor fellows (one foreign post-doctor fellow).

Projects and Major Achievements

1. Supercritical CFB boiler and R&D and demonstration of key technology of clean high efficient combustion:

The demonstration project of 350MW super-critical CFB boiler which is the first unit with polygon furnace has passed 168-hour continuous operation, successfully solving the problem of uniformity in furnace and cyclone of large-scale CFB boilers.

The technology of low NOx emission in furnace of 660MW high efficient CFB boilers has been verified in 150t/h CFB boiler, breaking through the bottleneck of the deep coordinated control of sulfur and nitrogen in furnace, and the third party testing results show that NOx and SO2 emission without SCR or SNCR has achieved ultra-low level.

2. R&D of key technology of preheating pulverized coal combustion:

60t/h preheating combustion boiler burning pulverized coal has been punt into commercial operation, and preheating combustion boiler burning gasified residue carbon of 100t/d flowrate has passed 72-hour continuous operation. The preheating combustion technology has been successfully applied in these two projects.

3. R&D and industrial application of CFB coal gasification:

Supported by the key special project for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of CAS, the technology of coal gasification has been applied from industrial gas to syngas productions. The project of industrial gas derived from coal at atmosphere pressure with the capacity of 80000m3/h per unit which is the largest capacity in the world has begun to construct; and the demonstration project of kiloton per day CFB rich oxygen gasification at atmosphere pressure for synthetic ammonia syngas from coal has also begun to construct.

4. R&D of low NOx technology of the cement kiln:

The technology of NOx preheating reduction and pulverized coal reduction at high position which are suitable for the cement kiln has been proposed and verified by pilot test, which is greatly helpful to reduce the cost of NOx emission in cement kiln. The verifying test project of 2500t/d low NOx emission in cement kiln has begun to construct.

5. Research and diagnosis of combustion and multi-phase flow:

The technology of microwave fusing capacitance tomography has been applied to monitor and optimize the preparation process of fluidized bed particles for the first time at home and abroad.

Experimental platform of low-temperature oxidation jet stirring reactor was established. The characteristics of combustion, low-temperature oxidation and pyrolysis of RP-3 model fuel are investigated, which provides the basic data for aviation combustion characteristics. The micro-components in mixed gas can be demarcated, realizing the accurate detection of real-time flow in the process of semi-coke gasification with the accuracy of 1ppm.

6. Datong Institute of Coal Clean Efficient Utilization:

Datong Institute of Coal Clean Efficient Utilization was cooperatively established with Datong Government in Shanxi Province. The construction work proceeds well and the foundation section of test buildings has been completed. And the first 7 sets of experimental platform have been designed and will be constructed in 2019.

Technology Transfer

Laboratory of CFB, IET cooperates with many domestic enterprises through technology transfer, development and service with contract amount of more than 87 million Yuan, including preheating pulverized coal combustion, CFB gasification, and CFB boiler technology.

Taking the technology of pulverized coal preheating combustion as intangible asset, a new company is founded cooperatively with Yankuang Group, which is engaged in promoting developing and application of technology of clean combustion of pulverized coal industrial boilers.

Patents and Paper

In 2018, 56 technical papers were published, among which 41 was indexed by SCI. 28 patents were applied and 24 domestic and foreign patents were authorized.

In Journal of Applied Energy (IF = 4.908), experimental research on combustion characteristics of coal gasification fly ash in a combustion chamber with a self-preheating burner, and experimental study on the recovery of sodium in high sodium fly ash from thermochemical conversion of Zhundong coal, and exploration of effective bed material for use as slagging or agglomeration preventatives in circulating fluidized bed gasification of high-sodium lignite were published;

In Journal of Combustion and Flame (IF = 4.494), a wide-range experimental and modeling study of oxidation and combustion of n-propyl benzene , and combustion characteristics of well-dispersed boron submicroparticles and plasma effect were published;

International Cooperation and Exchanges

There is long-term communication and cooperation relationship between the laboratory and the research institutions and universities abroad. The research fellows attended the top-level conferences at home and abroad, including 8th World Congress on Particle Technology in USA in which Prof. WANG Haigang gave an invited speech, 23rd International Conference of FBC in Korea, the 37th International Symposium on Combustion in Ireland, XXII World Congress of IMECO in United Kingdom, 5th International Conference on Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change in Greece, etc.

Several foreign famous scholars from TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Technical University of Denmark, Manchester University, and Pusan National University, etc. were invited to visit the experimental facilities and gave lectures. There is one post-doctor fellow from Morocco.

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