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Research Fields

R&D of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and fundamental research of engineering thermophysics, including high efficient clean combustion, pyrolysis and/or gasification conversion, comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction of coal, derived fuels from coal, and biomass, etc., multi-phase flow and its diagnosis, combustion chemistry and catalytic combustion, quantitative analysis and application of reaction process.


Research Focus

1. Supercritical CFB boiler technology of coal combustion: gas-solid two phase flow, uniformity of combustion and heat transfer in the furnace of large-scale CFB boilers; furnace structure and thermal arrangements, key technology and system integration with supercritical parameters.

2. High efficiency and low emission combustion technology of coal and its derived fuels: high efficient clean combustion with fuel preheating, CFB oxy-fuel combustion at high oxygen concentration.

3. CFB boiler technology for energy conservation and environmental protection: ultra-low NOx emission combustion without SCR or SNCR in CFB boiler for coal combustion, CFB boiler optimization for multi-fuels.

4. CFB coal gasification technology: R&D and system integration of CFB coal gasification technology with atmosphere pressure for industrial fuel gas, R&D of pressurized CFB coal gasification and new highly efficient coal gasification.

5. CFB multi-stage conversion of low rank coal: CFB pyrolysis for coal elevated utilization.

6. Numerical simulation and experimental measurement of multiphase flow: multi-scale numerical calculation of complex gas-solid flow, capacitance microwave tomography, and complex dielectric constant imaging algorithm.

7. Combustion chemistry and combustion diagnosis technology: low-temperature oxidation and laminar premixed flame of multi alternative fuels, synthesis of metal oxide catalysts, the effect of different catalysts on fuel low-temperatures combustion, and quantitative analysis of reaction process.


Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

Two large-scale sets of hot test platforms were established, i.e. MW pilot plant on flameless combustion of pulverized coal, and 0.15 MW combustion test rig for high alkaline coal. Two large-scale sets of cold-test platforms were established, i.e. CFB pressurized test rig and CFB test rig with ambient pressure. There have been 22 platforms in total by the end of the year 2016.

There are several sets of experimental rigs for fundamental research, including chemical vapor deposition, catalytic combustion, low temperature oxidation, laminar premixed flame molecular-beam photo ionization mass spectrometry, measurement and control system of complex fluidized bed reactor, and measurement and optimization of complex gas-solid fluidization processes.


Major Projects

In 2016, there were 40 research projects in all, 14 of which were newly set up, including 3 national key research and development programs, 1 special program of renovation and purchase from CAS, 3research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (NNFC) of China, and 4 projects from enterprises.

The key research projects include Low Emission in the Furnace of 660 MW High Efficient Ultra-supercritical CFB, the Effects of Graded Combustion and SNCR Denitration Technology on Heat Transfer and Combustion Characteristics in Calciner, CCUS Whole Chain System Integration and Optimization, all of which belong to national key research and development program. New CFB Technology for Energy Conservation and Environment Protection, which is a special project for international technology cooperation. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Combustion and their in-situ Spectrometric Investigation and Application, which is thousand youth talents recruitment program. Measurement and Optimization of Complex Gas-solid Fluidization Processes, which is a major international (regional) cooperation project of NSFC. Investigation of Low-temperature Oxidation of Bio-surrogate Fuels, which is a training program of the major research plan of NNFC. In addition, several research projects of NSFC are undertaken.

The key R&D projects from CAS include Semi-coke/coal Clean and High Efficient Combustion Technology and Demonstration which is the strategic priority research program; MW pilot plant on flameless combustion of pulverized coal which is a special program of renovation and purchase; CFB Oxygen-enriched Combustion Technology which is an international cooperation program of bureau of international cooperation.


Major Achievements in 2016

In the aspect of supercritical CFB technology of coal combustion, the hydraulic test for the demonstration project of 350MW CFB boiler with polygon furnace was successfully finished, which laida good foundation for 168-hour continuous operation.

In the aspect of high efficiency and low emission combustion technology, the fundamental research, common and key technology R&D, and pilot-scale study on preheating combustion have been continued, and the high efficient and clean combustion of pulverized semi-coke was realized. Based on such technology, a 26MW preheating combustor was developed and will be applied in a 60t/h pulverized coal boiler for demonstration; The demonstration project of 100t/d CFB boiler burning residue carbon was constructed, which will greatly promote the industrial application of such technology; the continuous operation of 1 MW oxy-fuel combustion CFB pilot plant broke through the technology bottleneck of heating surface limit at high oxygen concentration; the scheme of 25MW oxy-fuel combustion CFB industrial device was completed, which provided technology storage for industrial demonstration of CO2 emission reduction.

40t/d industrial pilot plant of combusting residue carbon from coal gasification in CFB and producing high-temperature steam was established. Industrial experiments were conducted and the results met assessment indexes; the key technology of ultra-low NOx emission with lean oxygen combustion in furnace and post combustion after the cyclones was developed and put into use in there construction of 300MW CFB boiler in Inner Mongolia.

In the aspect of CFB coal gasification technology, pressurized CFB coal gasification technology cooperatively developed with enterprise has been applied in the first demonstration project of pressurized CFB gasification in China under construction; Taking the CFB pure oxygen/ rich oxygen gasification as stock share, a new clean coal gasification technology company was established with Chaohu economic development zone in Anhui province. 4 units of 30000Nm3/h CFB gasification with atmosphere pressure were put into operation in Indonesia, which was the first time for the self-developed technology of CFB gasification with atmosphere pressure being applied abroad.

In the aspect of CFB cascade conversion of low rank coal, 240t/d CFB coal pyrolysis technology was awarded the scientific and technological achievements identification by China Coal Society, with the appraisal of reaching international advanced level.

In the aspect of numerical calculation and experimental measurement of multiphase flow, the research results have been applied for demonstration in enterprises, and the program of On-line Measurement and Simulation Optimization of Complex Gas-solid Fluidization Processes was awarded the second-class prize of scientific and technological progress from Chinese Society of Particuology.

In the aspect of combustion chemistry and catalytic combustion, the analysis test rig on heat conversion at the level of molecule and atom was independently developed, and for the first time thein situ on-line investigation of homogeneous or heterogeneous combustion reaction kinetics was realized. TG-DTA-Photoionization mass spectrometer with EI and PI was applied in the quantitative analysis of reaction process, and based on equivalent characteristic spectrum analysis (ECSA), the reaction parsing mechanism at the mode of both EI and PI was developed, which is expected to break through the bottleneck of heat analysis technology, and provides important technology support for the public instrument management center of the institute.


Team Building

There are 77 researchers, including 8 professors (one "Hundred Talents Program" and one "Thousand Youth Talents Program"), 13 associate professors/ senior engineers, 40 graduate students and 3 post-doctor fellows (one foreign post-doctor fellow).

Prof. Lyu Qinggang serves as the panel member of national key research and development program; Prof. Wang Haigang serves as the committee member of 2017 International conference on imaging, signal processing and communication (ICISPC2017); Prof. Tian Zhenyu serves as the committee member of China national symposium on combustion 2016.

The main researchers serve as session chairs of 9th International Conference of Multiphase Flow, 24th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena and 36th International Symposium on Combustion.


Technology Transfer

Through the cooperation with enterprises, 4 new technical cooperation projects were signed in the aspects of CFB gasification technology, CFB coal combustion technology, and biomass combustion technology. The technical development fee of CNY21.16 million in CNY was awarded.

A new coal gasification technology company was established with Chaohu economic development zone in Hefei, Anhui province to cooperatively develop the LNG technology and realize its industrialization.


Patents and Papers

In 2016, 46 papers were published, among which 28 were indexed by SCI, and 39 by EI. 28 patents were applied and 11 invention patents were authorized, including two international patents.

In Renewable & Sustainable Energy Review(IF = 6.798), Evolution of Fuel-N in Gas Phase during Biomass Pyrolysis was published; in Applied Energy(IF = 5.746), Influence of operating parameters on N2O emission in O2/CO2 combustion with high oxygen concentration in circulating fluidized bed was published; in Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry(IF = 4.197), Stainless steel grid mesh-supported CVD made Co3O4 thin films for catalytic oxidation of VOCs of olefins type at low temperature was published.



The program of On-line Measurement and Simulation Optimization of Complex Gas-solid Fluidization Processes was awarded the second-class prize of scientific and technological progress from Chinese Society of Particuology.

One student was awarded the prize of Wu Zhonghua Excellent Graduate Student and one student was awarded the prize of Chen Xuejun Excellent Paper.


International Cooperation and Exchanges

Long-term communication and cooperation relationships have been established between the laboratory and some top international research institutions and universities. The research fellows attended the top-level conferences at home and abroad, including 2016 AIChE conference in USA, 11th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications in Great Britain, 36th International Symposium on Combustion in Korea, 24th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena in which Prof. Tian Zhenyu gave an invited speech, WCCM XII & APCOM VI 2016, 8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, 9th International Conference of Multiphase Flow, and 5th International Symposium on Gasification and its Applications, etc.

Several foreign famous scholars from CanmentENERGY Ottawa, Natural Resources Canada and Manchester University, etc. were invited to visit the laboratory and give lectures.

There is one doctor jointly educated with Manchester University in UK, and one with CanmentENERGY Ottawa in Canada, and one post-doctor from Morocco.

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Demonstration Project of Pressurized CFB Gasificationin Gansu Province

Demonstration Project of 100 t/d CFB Boiler Burning Residue Carbon

240t/d Industrial Test Plant of pulverized coal low temperature pyrolysis with

Solid Heat Carrie

Transform Project of 300MW CFB Boiler Technology Demonstration in Inner Mongolia Jingtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Demonstration Project of 350MW CFB Boiler with Polygon Furnace

4X30000Nm3/h CFB Coal Gasification Project in Indonesia

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