Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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Research Fields

Along the principle line of super heat transfer and advanced measurement technology, the Center focused on new types of high performance compact heat exchange equipment, advanced non-contact measurement technologies, novel thermal functional materials, research and development about Supercritical CO2 Turbine Power Generation, the basic theory and key technology of high intensity heat transfer, and research and application of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology.

Team Building

There are 43 research staff members, including 3 professors, 2 project researchers, 12 associate professors/senior engineers, and 1 post-doctor fellow. In addition, there are 24 graduate students.

Projects and Major Achievements

In the aspect of efficient and compact heat exchanger, the "comprehensive test platform of double circuit full temperature and full pressure supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2) heat exchanger" has been improved, and a number of experimental prototypes have been tested and operated continuously for a long time. A new type of improved airfoil heat exchanger has been developed, and its comprehensive performance has been greatly improved. The gas turbine regenerator has completed the acceptance of innovation fund project of the institute, and all indexes have met the requirements. The key deployment projects of CAS successfully passed the mid-term evaluation and completed the full-scale prototype processing.

In terms of thermal chemical energy storage technology, the first large-scale chemical heat pump demonstration device was completed. After field testing by a third-party testing agency, the National key R & D plan has achieved an “excellent” evaluation.

In the aspect of thermal management of electronic information, we have mastered the key technology of thermal resistance analysis, test and diagnosis of CPU chip, and successfully tested multiple chip thermal resistances for Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd., which was highly affirmed by the president; the thermal conductivity of the self-developed new thermal conductive silicone grease reached 12.9W/(mK), and passed the tripartite test and the mid-term assessment of the national key R & D plan. We have mastered the key technology of thermal analysis and design of thermal management system, independently developed high-performance heat pipe air-cooled radiator, which has reached the international advanced level in heat dissipation performance, and established “Zhongke Thermal Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.”.

In terms of advanced non-contact measurement, according to the testing requirements of the 606 Institute, a high-temperature optical fiber temperature measurement system was developed, which realized 256 point temperature distribution synchronous measurement. We completed on-site test acceptance and product handover.

On SCO2 Brayton cycle power generation, the compressor testing has been commissioned and the testing statistics were up to standard. The designs of the compressor and the impeller have been finished and improved. The design of the MW-scale pilot system was finished as well as the expansion machine.

For enhanced heat transfer basic theory and key technology, the international cooperation research project of national key research and development was finished. The demonstration project about 100MW-scale concentrated photovoltaic cold-thermal power supply was built in Hengshui, Hebei Province. The preliminary result showed that generating efficiency was 26% and the total energy use ratio was 75%, which reached the international advanced level. The integrated thermal insulation and cooling protection design which was used for the leading edge of hypersonic flight vehicle has been explored and the preliminary design has been finished. The design rules of power battery cooling system have been accomplished. Measuring apparatus which used for calorific value and physical property parameter of batteries have been developed. The complete research and development system from design, sample and testing was built. The research on heat transport in nanostructured materials under the extreme condition as ultrahigh pressure was carried out.

In the field of enhanced heat transfer mechanism of open capillary microgrooves heat sink, the continuously well-aligned carbon nanomaterials coated surfaces were developed using self-assembly method. Furthermore, we fabricated the micro-nano hybrid grooves heat sink, and studied the Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) effect and Ferohydrodynamic (FHD) effect on wicking and heat transfer enhancement mechanism of the microgrooves heat sink.

In the LED lighting, a project titled “Research on key technology of high-efficiency and high-reliability LED lamps” supported by the National Key R & D Project went well and passed the mid-term inspection successfully. The technology combined of the microgrooves heat sink and photo-thermal integration substrate was carried out, and the thermal resistance from the substrate to the cooler fin was significantly reduced to 0.008°C/W. The weight of 1000W microgrooves cooler was reduced to 11.99 kg. In addition, the high power density microgrooves 1000W LED gymnasium lamp was also developed. The COB lighting source has been applied; the luminous efficiency of the lamp reaches 94 lm/W. The color rendering index is 90, and the lamp weighs 17kg and has a volume of 0.05m3. The lamps have been widely demonstrated in industrial application, of which the LED street lamps have been retrofitted for a total of 15.4km, and 2 large-scale sports venues have been demonstrated, with remarkable energy-saving effects.

Technology Transfer

Over 20 projects commissioned by the enterprises were taken underway and the total contract funds are over CNY 30 million. “China Longxiang Science and technology Co., Ltd.” was established with a registered capital CNY 100 million. “China Science and technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.” was established with a registered capital of CNY 20 million.

Patents and Paper

In 2019, 40 academic papers were published, among which 27 were indexed by SCI and 12 indexed by EI. 31 patents were applied and 26 patents were authorized.


There was 1 special invitation report on major international conference recognized in this field, and 1 new national ministerial level expert committee and one project chief was added.

The center got the second award of Chinese university-industry cooperation Innovative product,and the second award of heat transfer annual symposium excellent articles.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

One researchers went to the United States to attend the Applied Energy A + B Symposium in MIT 2019.

Four researchers went to United Kingdom to attend the 16th UK Heat Transfer Conference.

The scientists from UQ &ASTRI were invited to have a two-day academic communication about supercritical SCO2 Brayton cycle generation technology.

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