Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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Research Fields

Along the principle line of super heat transfer and advanced measurement technology, the Center focused on new types of high performance compact heat exchange equipment, advanced non-contact measurement technologies and novel thermal functional materials, research and development about Supercritical CO2 Turbine Power Generation and the basic theory and key technology of high intensity heat transfer, research and application of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology.

Team Building

There are 44 staffs in the center in total, which includes 3 professors. In addition, there are 20 graduate students in the Center.

Projects and Major Achievements

In terms of high efficiency compact heat exchangers, the comprehensive test platform for dual-loop full-temperature and full-pressure supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2) heat exchangers has been built, which has an adjustable range of 0-32MPa and 20-600 degree, filling the relevant domestic gaps. The efficiency of the self-developed PCHE heat exchanger scaled prototype is up to 98%, which is superior to the design requirements. In view of the actual needs of marine gas engines, a new type of compact intercooler prototype with high efficiency and low resistance has been independently developed, and full temperature and full pressure field tests have been carried out. All the indexes are better than the design requirements, which fill in the gaps of domestic related technology. The design optimization method, software development and scaled prototype testing of the new type regenerator of gas turbine have been completed, and the mid-term evaluation has been carried out smoothly.

As for advanced non-contact temperature measurement, non-contact temperature measurement was selected in the first batch of Catalogue of Scientific Instruments Independently Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A two-dimensional high-temperature optical fiber temperature measurement system was developed to meet the requirements of AVIC Shenyang Engine Design Institute, and the temperature distribution at 256 points was measured synchronously with a temperature range of 450-1200 degree and a precision of less than 1%.

In the field of thermochemical energy storage/chemical heat pump, we have won the key project of The National Natural Science Fund, built the first large-scale chemical heat pump demonstration system in the world, developed a new high-efficiency nano-thermochemical energy storage material, and greatly increased the energy storage density.

In the aspect of new thermal interface materials, we have mastered the core formula and technology of thermal interface materials, developed and finalized the series of thermal conductive silicone grease and silicone rubber pad products, whose performance covers 1-6.5 W/m K, and mass production has been achieved.

On SCO2 Brayton cycle power generation, design of the MW-scale pilot system is finished. The test platform for SCO2 compressors has been built and every part of the test system has been commissioned. The compressor prototype is under testing.

For enhanced heat transfer basic theory and key technology, the thermal protection system of thermo conversion and which is used for turbine of aero-engine and the coupling thermal protection system of insulation and dissipation which is used for the hypersonic speed spacecraft leading edge has been developed. About the power battery thermodynamics problems, many kinds of cooling systems were developed such as liquid-cooling, direct-cooling, etc. The cooling system design rules were regulated. By the same time, the complete system from design, sample piece to test was finished. The major scientific instrument developing project of the Ministry of Science and technology was finished successfully, which includes six prototypes. One TDTR and three harmonic measuring systems were sold.

In the study on enhanced heat transfer mechanism of open capillary microgrooves heat sink, a computational model in terms of capillary wetting and flow occurring in open rectangular microgrooves heat sink is built, the standard error of calculated values compared with the experimental data is 2.7 × 10?4 and 1.405 × 10?8 when calculating the radius of curvature and wetting cross-sectional area.

In the LED lighting, a project entitled "Study on key technology of high-efficiency and high-reliability LED lamps" supported by the National Key Research Projects has been approved, and the research about the integration of light and heat was carried out, the thermal resistance from the baseplate to the radiator fin was significantly reduced to 0.018 /W. The weight of 1000W microgrooves radiator was reduced to 12 kg. In addition, the high power density microgrooves 1000W LED gymnasium lamp was developed.

In the thermal management of electric vehicle battery pack, we undertook the key program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences entitled "Green design of related products for high-efficiency resource recycling" and completed it successfully. A prototype of the battery pack thermal management system was developed. It cannot only ensure high-efficient thermal management but also be highly efficiently disassembled and recycled. It is of great significance in green use of the battery pack.

Technology Transfer

Over 20 projects commissioned by the enterprises were taken underway and the total contract funds are over CNY 20,000,000.

Patents and Paper

In 2018, 40 technical papers were published, among which 25 were indexed by SCI and 11 by EI. 96 patents were applied and 30 patents were authorized.


One excellent paper award was achieved in the annual meeting of the heat transfer.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

Two researchers attended the 6th International Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Symposium in US: Two researchers went to US as visiting scholars; Researcher HUAI Xiulan went to Czech Republic to attend PRES Conference.

Dean: HUAI Xiulan     Tel: 86-10-82543108      E-mail: hxl@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: JIANG Yuyan     Tel: 86-10-82543179      E-mail: yyjiang@iet.cn   

Demonstration production line for the highly thermal-conductive TIMs

The prototype for battery pack thermal management system of electric vehicle

The high power density microgrooves 500W LED fishing lamps

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