Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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Research Fields

Along the principle line of super heat transfer and advanced measurement technology, the Center focused on new types of high performance compact heat exchange equipment, advanced non-contact measurement technologies and novel thermal functional materials, research and development about Supercritical CO2 Turbine Power Generation and the basic theory and key technology of high intensity heat transfer, research and application of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology.

Team Building

There are 49 professional faculty members in the center in total, which includes 6 full professors (1 from the Hundred Talents Program and 1 from the Young Thousand Talents Plan), 9 associate professors. In addition, there are 2 postdoctoral scholars and 23 graduate students in the Center.

Projects and Major Achievements

The Center undertook 4 items of the National Key Research Projects, 1 item of the Key Deployment Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 item of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Instrument Program, 1 item of the General Armament Department exploration project, and 2 items of the National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, etc.

In the advanced compact heat exchanger, the key technologies like design, optimization and manufacture have been seized for the gas turbine inter-cooler, and the principle prototype has been developed, manufactured and tested, the experimental results indicated that all the design requirements have been satisfied; the regular rules of heat transfer and fluid flow have been revealed for S-CO2, and the novel heat transfer enhancement method has been developed for the S-CO2 heat exchanger. The scheme demonstration of comprehensive heat transfer experimental platform for trans-critical CO2 has been completed.

In the advanced non-contact temperature measurement, the measurement technology developed for the surface temperature of turbine blade was tested. The tested results showed that the measurement precision is less than ±10, the temperature range is 600-1500. The Chinese Academy of Sciences research equipment development project and the General Armament Department exploration project successfully passed though the spot acceptance test. A two-dimensional optical fiber temperature measurement system for the turbine blade was developed according to the needs of users.

In the field of thermal-functional materials, the Center has developed thermal interface materials (TIM) with high thermal-conductive and low cost, and constructed corresponding production lines. Possessing huge advantage on price, our products have comparable performance as compared to the international top ones. This achievement will provide alternatives to the imported TIMs with much lower prices. In addition, the Center invented a new type of low cost high performance radiation regulation film, which has broad applications in the fields such as building energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the Supercritical CO2 Breton cycle power generation, thermodynamic cycle analysis and layout optimization as well as demonstration system design were finished successively. Supercritical CO2 compressors were researched and the test beds of units were constructed.

In the enhanced heat transfer basic theory and key technology, the regulation resolution about power EV-battery pack thermal management system was built with thermal conversion heat transfer technology. The self-adaption and intelligent control was improved by memory alloy technology. The mid-evaluation about Special program for important scientific instrument from the Ministry of Science and Technology was approved successfully. The sample testing from temperature 4K to room condition was finished and was certificated by third-party experts. Supported by the international special program from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the design of CPVTH and the research of key parts of concentration were finished.

In the fundamental research aspect of open capillary microgrooves heat sink, the study on electro hydro dynamics (EHD) effects on the capillary wetting, flowing and heat transfer characteristics of microgrooves was carried out. It reveals the influence of capillary wetting and liquid distribution on the heat transfer mechanism of microgrooves in the presence of electric field.

In the LED lighting, a project entitled "Study on Key Technology of High- Efficiency and High-Reliability LED Lamps" supported by the National Key Research Projects has been approved, and the research about the integration of light and heat was carried out, which significantly reduced the LED junction temperature. In addition, the high power density microgrooves 500W LED fishing lamp was developed and mass-produced.

In the battery pack thermal management of electric vehicle, the Center undertook 1 item of the key program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences entitled "Green Design of Related Products for High-Efficiency Resource Recycling". The enterprise project "The Research and Development of 100-150Wh/kg Battery Thermal Management System in New Energy Vehicles" was checked and accepted, which marks that the R&D achievements of battery pack thermal management system based on microgroove technology have stepped into the stage of industrialization.

Technology Transfer

7 new projects commissioned by the enterprises were approved, total contract funds is CNY 25.05 million. An industrial company and a research base were jointly founded by our institute and Hengshui government in Hebei province.

Patents and Paper

During 2017, 30 papers have been published, among which 28 papers indexed by SCI and 2 papers indexed by EI, including 1 paper published in the Nature Communications journal (impact factor >12, the first author), which was authored with researchers from the Institute of Physics, Chinese academy of sciences. And 51 patents were applied and 18 patents were granted.


4 staffs were awarded the Entrepreneur Award of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Entrepreneur Award.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

International workshop on heat transfer in green energy utilization (HTGE- 2017) was jointly held in Beijing by the institute and Tokyo University. Two researchers went to Japan and Austria separately to attend “the 13th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 2017” and “European Conference on Thermophysical Properties 2017” .

Dean: Huai Xiulan     Tel: 86-10-82543108      E-mail: hxl@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Jiang Yuyan     Tel: 86-10-82543179      E-mail: yyjiang@iet.cn   


The kick off meeting of the National Key Research Projects "Study on key technology of high-efficiency and highreliability LED lamps"

Demonstration production line for the highly thermal-conductive TIMs

The prototype for battery pack thermal management system of electric vehicle

The high power density microgrooves 500W LED fishing lamps

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