Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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Research Fields

1. New high-efficiency compact heat exchangers: Researches on flow and heat transfer characteristics, design method, and processing technology for primary surface heat exchanger and printed circuit board heat exchanger.

2. Upgrading and efficient utilization of low temperature waste heat: Researches on coupling and synergy between chemical reaction and heat and mass transfer, key technologies of chemical heat pump and system integration.

3. Advanced thermal measurement technology: Development of the temperature-heat flux inversion program, investigation on the non-contact high-frequency optical fiber temperature-measurement calibration technology, system integration and popularization of its application.

4. Advanced thermal functional materials: Development of silicone grease with high thermal-conductivity, development and application of the material of graphene/boron nitride, and corrosion prevention of micro-channel heat sink.

5. Supercritical CO2 Power Generation and Thermo-Pressure Conversion Enhanced Heat Transfer.

6. Research and application of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology.

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

The platform for measurement on radiation characteristics of fuel gas has been built to research the non-contact measurement technology. In addition, we have finished a CVD system for synthesizing graphene and similar two-dimensional materials, and have built up a cluster (with 280 cores) for high performance scientific computation. We purchased a set of instruments for thermal conductivity measurement via hot-wire method.

In addition, the Center built the following platforms, Ultrashort Pulse Heating Test Platform for Quantitative Measurement of Thermo-Pressure Conversion Effect, High temperature closed high-intensity heat transfer test platform, Experimental System of Micro-Nano Heat Transfer, Micro-scale thermal transport and thermal properties measurement system, R&D and test platform for LED photothermic integrated thermal management was completed. And the experiment platform for multi-field coupling micro nano structure composite phase change heat transfer enhancement in microgrooves was initially completed.

Major Projects

Undertaking 3 items of National Key Research Projects, including 2 items with project level ( High efficiency chemical heat pump forupgradingo flow temperature heat energy; Development of high-efficiency recycling and utilization technology of low temperature thermal energy and its equipment), and 1 item with sub-project level (Flow and heat transfer mechanism of high temperature gas containing dust in filter layer and recovery technology of waste heat); 1 item of MOST-JST large cooperative research project, "Research of Concentration Photovoltaic System Combined with Efficient Waste-Heat Driving Air-Conditioning System", 5 items of National Natural Science Foundation of China projects.

Major Achievements in 2016

Non-contact measurement technology: Self-developed non-contact high-frequency optical fiber temperature measurement technology and device, and successfully passed the test conducted by the user, and its measurement precision index reaches the international advanced level.

Advanced thermal functional materials: Successfully developed a type of thermal conductive silicone material with excellent performance, which is in the top tier among all the similar products of the world. It has possessed the initial condition for industrialization.

New high-efficiency compact heat exchangers: Independently mastered the design method and the processing technology of new high-efficiency compact heat exchangers, and laid a solid foundation for its practical applications in the fields of gas turbine and supercritical carbon dioxide power generation.

In the research and development of key technology and unit demonstration for supercritical CO2 power generation, we have completed project research, system layout, thermal cycle calculation, aerodynamic and structural design of compressor, and design of component test bench. Supported by the Innovation Fund of IET, part of purchase contracted has been signed.

In the aspect of high efficiency heat transfer technology and its application, we found an ultra short pulse heating test bench and conducted quantitative measurement of the thermal-pressure conversion effect (TPCE). A visualization experiment platform is set up, which can be used to visualize flow pattern and heat transfer mechanism for TPCE. Also, we developed dehumidification heat pipe arrays, battery thermal management systems and data center cooling systems. The industrialization of these products is under promoting.

In the study of heat transfer enhancement mechanism in microgrooves, experiment platform for multi-field coupling micro nano structure composite phase change heat transfer enhancement in microgrooves was initially completed, which provided an important guarantee for fundamental research.

In LED lighting thermal management, the project of high power density LED technology and product promotion of the “CuicanXingdong” Semiconductor Lighting Major Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences has passed the acceptance. We have achieved innovative results including 300W LED fish luring lamp, 300W magnalium insert micro grooves LED radiator, 160W and 500W high power density LED radiator and lamp. Thereinto, 300W LED fish luring lamp has been produced in batch and been invited into an exclusive interview by CCTV “Approaching Science” column, which has caused a strong reaction within the industry. We have completed R&D and test platform for LED photo thermicintegrated thermal management, which provides protection for R & D and mass production of high power density LED technology and applications product.

In electric vehicle thermal management, knowledge innovation major project - electric vehicle battery pack thermal management system (BTMS) of Chinese Academy of Sciences has been accepted successfully. We undertook the research task of 100-150Wh/kg electric vehicle battery pack thermal management system (BTMS)project entrusted by the enterprise, and achieved the strategic layout of electric vehicle battery pack thermal management.

Team Building

At the end of 2016, there were 58 staffs in the center in total, including 4 professors (1 belongs to Hundred-Talent Program, 1 Professor from Thousand Talents Program), 2 project professors, 11 associate professors, 18 assistant professors, 1 postdoctoral; 22 PhD and master degree candidates; 2 members and 1 excellent members of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences;1 member of Youth Working Committee, Heat and Mass Transfer Branch, Chinese Engineering Thermophysics Society.

Technology Transfer

13 new projects commissioned by the enterprises were approved, total contract funds reached CNY 21.9 million. We have an implementation of intellectual property investment shares at a price of CNY 23 million. 2 companies have been set up including Zhongke Microgrooves (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Zhongke Wuhuan new energy automotive thermal management technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Patents and Paper

A total of 37 papers were published in 2016, including 29 SCI and 7 EI papers, including 1 paper published on ACS Nano with IF over 10, and another one on Nature Report. 36 patents were applied for and 13 authorized.


Two staffs got the second prize of Beijing Youth Excellent Scientific Papers, one staffs were awarded the "power construction technology first prize" and three staffs were awarded the outstanding paper award of heat transfer annual conference.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

Invited Guo Zhi-xiong, a professor of the Rutgers university, to conduct an academic lecture and seminar activity in our institute for three days. Introduced 1 young talent from the California Institute of Technology by Hundred-Talent Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Applied an intergovernmental cooperation projects from The Ministry of Science, introduced a postdoctoral from South Korea, and 1 person went to the United States for academic communication, 2 persons to Japan.

Dean: Huai XiulanTel: 86-10-82543108E-mail: hxl@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Jiang YuyanTel: 86-10-82543179E-mail: yyjiang@iet.cn


Chemical vapor deposition system

Non-contact temperature measuring system for turbine blade surface

Integrated experiment platform for multi-field coupling micro nano structure composite phase change

heat transfer enhancement in microgrooves

The 300W multi-COB (Chip on Board) LED fish luring lamp developed

by Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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