Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center

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Research Fields

1. Aiming at the heat transfer problems in such fields as aircraft engine/heavy gas turbine, nuclear energy and utilization of waste heat with low temperature, the Center is mainly engaged in these investigations on high efficient cooling and advanced measurement technology, new process intensification and high efficient energy saving technology, and high efficient compact heat exchanger technology.

2. High intensity heat transfer and advanced measurement of thermal physics.

3. Research and application of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology.

Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment

The domestic first comprehensive experimental platform, Lead bismuth eutectic-Helium Experimental Loop of ADS, was successfully developed by the Center in Langfang Base, which provides the multi-physical field coupling experimental environment for heat transfer between liquid lead-bismuth eutectic and helium. In addition, the Center built the following platforms, micro-scale thermal transport experiments and thermal physical property test platform, high temperature closed high strength and heat transfer experiment platform. micro-scale flow and phase change test bench, experiment platform for fundamental research on flow and heat transfer enhancement in microgrooves, R&D and test platform for LED lighting integrated thermal management, R&D and test platform for Rectifier / inverter cabinet integrated thermal management.

Major Projects

Within the frame work of the ADS Strategic Priority Research Program, the Center undertook the research work of the project with title “Pre-research of advanced second-loop cooling technology”. In addition, the Center also participates in a 973 project with title “Grade upgrade of low-temperature waste heat and energy storage”, ministry of science and technology project instrument, key project of national natural science funds and the national key basic research development plan.

Major Achievements of 2015

The 973 project with title “Grade upgrade of low-temperature waste heat and energy storage” successfully passes through the acceptance with the evaluation of “best”. With support of this project, the domestic first chemical heat pump system prototype, which uses isopropyl alcohol, acetone and hydrogen as reactants, was developed independently. Its temperature rise and system efficiency reach the international advanced level. With support of ADS Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS, the domestic first comprehensive experimental platform, Lead bismuth eutectic-Helium Experimental Loop of ADS, was successfully developed by the in Langfang Base. This platform fills the domestic blank in the field of liquid-metal cooling, and promotes core competitive ability of our institute in the research of thermal hydraulic of liquid heavy metals.

In the direction of the closed type cooling mechanism and key technology of high strength, on December 28, 2015, has explored experiment acceptance and data review of the project, all reached the project acceptance index, obtained the expert's consistent high praise. At the same time received a support on the project of national natural science fund.

We got the project of national natural science fund on advanced thermal physical measurement techniques and nano heat transport mechanism. The underlying mechanism of the influence of nanostructures on the thermal transport is revealed through phonon scattering theory and a quantitative formula is given, obtaining a universal formula for estimating the point-defect scattering constant for the carbon fibers investigated. We found out that the thermal conductivity of hybrid ALD(Atomic layer deposition)?MLD(molecular layer deposition) thin films is under 0.2W/mK, which is much lower than those of any other solid materials reported. As a result, such ALD/MLD-enabled hybrid organic?inorganic materials could be promising thermal insulation materials or even high-efficiency thermoelectric materials due to the expected low thermal conductivity.

In terms of research on microscale phase change enhancement heat transfer technology development, set the heat liquid film measuring test bench, established the unsteady micro liquid film flow and heat transfer model, and applied to the pool boiling and microchannel liquid film studies. Just open the flow of the liquid film in the decay tank and the heat transfer characteristics of experimental study and theoretical analysis. We proposed a novel approach of improving the boiling heat transfer performance by using a surface with adaptively deformable microstructures made of shape-memory alloys. The surface was invented in a collaborative study with the Institute of Metal Research (IMR), CAS. The pioneer study opens a new approach for the enhancement and control of phase-change heat transfer.

In the field of industrialization, 300W multi-COB (Chip on Board) LED fish luring lamp , high pole and stadium LED lamp, bulb LED lamp, down LED lamp and track LED lamp, with high power density, were researched and developed successfully by the support of the “CuicanXingdong” Semiconductor Lighting Major Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Through successful sea-fishing tests in Xisha sea area, it was verified that the 300WLED fish luring lamp can substitute for 1000W metal halide lamp for sea-fishing. It increases the fishing production by 50% and saves a half of diesel oil. The industrialization of LED fish luring lamp of revolutionary significance for reducing energy consumption increases the fishing production and changes the way of traditional light-purse seine sea-fishing in our country.

Organization and Personnel

At present the Center has 36 employees, including4researchers, 2 project professors, 9 associate researchers, 19 assistant researchers and 2 post-doctors. There are 19 students including 9 doctors and 10 masters.2doctoral student and 1 master student graduated in 2015.Prof.XuegongHu is appointed to be the member of Expert Committee of China Energy Society.

Technology Transfer

In 2015, 7 new enterprises projects with contract funds of 2.64million Yuan were added. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with the people's Government of Hengyang City, Hunan Province. According to the agreement, an innovative engineering research platform for microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology, will be built together to promote the commercialization and industrialization of microgrooves combined phase-change thermal management and energy saving technology in Hengyang preferentially.

Patents and Paper

55papers are published in 2015, including27 indexed by SCI, and 23 by EI. Applied for 22 invention patents and 16 utility model patents.7 invention patents, 4 industrial designs and 2 industrial design patents are granted, 7 software copyrights are registered.


In 2015, 1 staff in our center wins Lu JiaXi Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 people win the first prize in science and technology of China in turbine.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In 2015, the Center respectively invites Professor Guo Zhixiong of Rutgers University and Professor Cheng Xu of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to visit our institute and conduct academic exchanges. A total of 2 people go to Japan for academic exchanges, 2 people to attend this international conference within the territory of the United States.

Dean: Huai Xiulan                   Tel: 86-10-82543108     E-mail: hxl@iet.cn

Deputy Dean: Jiang Yuyan     Tel: 86-10-82543179     E-mail: yyjiang@iet.cn



Photo of comprehensive experimental setup testing the flow and heat transfer between high-temperature liquid Lead-Bismuth alloy and high-pressure Helium



Phase-change heat transfer device with recoverable mini structures made of shape-memory alloys

Femtosecond laser TDTR thermophysical property measurement system

A testing fishing boat fitted with 300W LED fish luring lamps developed by the Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center


A light seine fishing scene on a fishing boat fitted with 300W LED fish luring lamp developed by the Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center


The 300W multi-COB (Chip on Board) LED fish luring lamp developed by Heat and Mass Transfer Research Center


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