Energy Storage R&D Center

May 31, 2022 / Author by HE Fengjuan Text SizeDBS

Research Fields

Large-scale energy storage technology research and development, in particular, advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) technology, large-scale cold storage and heat storage technology, flywheel energy storage technology, and novel pumped hydroelectric storage technology, etc.

Team Building

The center currently has 64 employees, including 11 research professors, 17 associate research professors, 3 members of CAS “Hundred Talents Plan”, 1 member from the first batch of Outstanding Youth “Ten-thousand Talents Plan” selected by the CPC Organization Department, 1 member from the first batch of Middle-Young leaders in scientific and technological innovation, 1 member from national high level overseas talents. 55 graduate students (including 12 joint training students), including 25 doctoral and 30 postgraduate students.

Projects and Major Achievements

1. National Key R&D Project “R&D and demonstration of 10MW-class A-CAES” from Jan 2017 to Jun 2021.

2. International Big Science Cultivation Project “International cooperation plan of large-scale energy storage technology R&D and demonstration” from Jan 2018 to Dec 2022.

3. National Science Center Infrastructure “Clean energy material testing and diagnostics R&D platform” from Jan 2018 to Dec 2020.

4. Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) “The research and demonstration of 100MW-class CAES” from Apr 2018 to Apr 2023.

5. Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Subproject, “Research and application of key technology of flywheel energy storage 2MW/200kWh” from Jun 2020 to Apr 2023.

6. Major Science and Technology Projects of Inner Mongolia, “Research on key technologies of compressed air energy storage system with multiple thermal sources” from Aug 2021 to Aug 2024

7. Enterprise Project, “Large-scale advanced compressed air energy storage system compression subsystem research and development” from Nov 2020 to Nov 2022

8. Key Fundamental Research Project of Aero Engine and Gas Turbine, “Research on flow mechanism and aerodynamic design method of power turbine with high efficiency and wide operating conditions”, from Aug 2020 to Aug 2024

Important Scientific and Technological Achievements:

1. Completed the combination to the power grid of the first international 10MW-class compressed air energy storage demonstration plant with salt cavity.

2. Completed the construction of the first international 100MW-class compressed air energy storage demonstration plant, as well as the charged debugging. 

Technology Transfer

Completed the pre-A financing of 100MW compressed air energy storage industrialization company and signed the order of 698 million CNY for the first 100MW advanced compressed air energy storage system; The first 300kW power generation plant from natural gas pressure recovery using expansion turbines was built and put into operation. ZHONG-CHU-GUO-NEGN (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was awarded as Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise.

Patents and Paper

Published 3 English monograph/chapter and 59 papers, 37 of which are indexed by SCI this year. Applied for 41 national invention patents, 8 utility patents in China.


ZHONG-CHU-GUO-NENG (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was awarded The Special Prize of Scientific and technological Achievement transformation of Beijing Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Haisheng Chen won the “Scientific Exploration Award” and “Science and Technology Cooperation Award of Guizhou Province”.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In 2021, won the National Natural Science Fund of China-Research fund for international young scientists “Transport instabilities with aggregation behavior of organic contaminants in the nanopores of porous media during remediation process”. Under the support of The Chinese Academy of Sciences International Big Science Program Cultivation and other projects, two international conferences were hosted, and optimized the online international energy storage union website and WeChat official accounts, providing the all-round service for energy storage.

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